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Kaplan University / messed up

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As an ex employee I am speaking of what I witnessed but turned my head the other way in disgust of how Kaplan University has complete staff of men and women whom sleeps with each other and play favoritism to one another in the workplace. Anyone that is not a virgin should know how sex smells, foul body odors and can determine when a person has just had sex and did not cleanse their body from seminal fluids and wash up. Throughout the day it is obvious when Team Leads (men) and female employees leave for lunch together and return an hour later looking suspicious and smelling suspicious like sex was just performed. The smell travels with them as they are coming back in the work area to resume their jobs and the air conditioner adds to the curiosity of questioning (what is that smell)? Not only is the body odor offensive a person cannot ask someone to go to the restroom and wash up their body parts smells. Also to speak about someone smells to a supervisor may also be look upon as defamatory and hardly would anyone report this to a supervisor.

Numerous sightings also has been viewed by me and ex colleagues I am aware witnessed this also themselves of employees (married men) and female employees (single with children at home) hugged up walking around the parking lot smoking cigarettes and or sitting in the parking lot eating lunch and then the car is jumping up and down and foggy. Security is in the parking lot and I am sure staff has viewed the sightings of employees having sex on the premises in their cars. But that is not their jobs they are there to protect employees and stop crime. I am sure if Kaplan spouses at home (wives) were aware of what was going on they definitely would be checking out their husbands movements at Kaplan throughout the day.

In addition, I am aware of an Adm Adv wrongfully fired by Kaplan after an incompetent financial aid representative did not document important details in the students file after interviewing her. The Adm Adv claimed the student file had no messages of student status to be approved for financial aid. The Adm Adv discovered the same day fired what happened in financial aid for more than a week which should have been a message to write off the student she was in default and needed a clearance letter after interviewing student. The student was not happy about being in default and told FA Rep she will call back when she get her clearance letter. However, the Adm Advisor called FA department and was unable to find out what happened to the student she was not transferred and there is no document in files. So the Adm Adv kept calling student because FA rep never sent her an email, nothing to what happened to the student, causing the Adm Adv not to make goal. Eventually the Adm Adv sent the student a closed file after the student stop contacting her. Guess what, Kaplan fired the Adm Advisor when the student called and reported she sent her emails and harass her by calling too much. They made the student feel like royalty and fired one of their best Advisor over a misunderstanding. First, the student cursed her Adm Adv and hung up telephone. Next the student emailed the Adm Adv and boasted of how she will get in the school through another advisor after she cursed her advisor and disrespected the advisor. The advisor requested an apology and said she will be sure the student doesn't get recommended and sent email to the student as well as explaining how the student is causing her to be placed in the boss office by wasting her time. Well, the Sr Director fired the Adm Adv, the same day the notes finally from FA dept was documented. The Advisor said she copied notes sent to student to prove she did not harass her. The boss claim the emails back to the student was not all company memos and fired the advisor for getting emotional with the student. Well it backfired on the boss because he strangely resigned the very next week or they fired him because he no longer works there. Wonder what happened? Sounds like karma. But today, I heard Kaplan is giving out checks to employees of supposedly violating the Labor laws, Wage and Salary and underpaid thousands of Advisors. So if anyone use to work for Kaplan, you should receive a letter about this, you could have a check in the mail because the current employees was told they were receiving Christmas bonuses. They do not know that is underpayments Kaplan handed them for working all that overtime on weekends. Also its a rumor that some Adm Adv are hired earning salary and some Advisors are hired earning hourly pay. Thats against the law and is another wage and salary discrepancy. That sound like favoritism to me and discrimination in salary I am sure which race those were getting salaries. Oh boy... I can't wait to hear what the results will be. I predict in my crystal ball Kaplan will be singing the song written by Mary J Blige very soon, 'I'm going down... I am going down... because my students are not around... Baby... My whole world s upside... down... I am going down... I am going down... my whole worlds upside... down... I will be so happy when that day come because nasty evil mean wicked and disgusting people deserve to go down. They not only have themselves in class action lawsuits but doesn't fire hoochie mamas (ie. weave, bleached and punk hair styles, gothic, false eyelashes, tight clothing, cleavage, mini skirts, street attitude) for having sex with married men (team leads) in the parking lots. Kaplan does not like employees who are intelligent and challenge them, theirs a rumor Kaplan will fire you for attending a college different than their school. The employees work there that are too imperial or conservative gets fired for the least things they do. Its Florida law, employers can fire you for anything including your race, but who could prove it. Thats messed up.

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  • Ka
      11th of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    It is unfortunate that I have to agree with the writers comment; but it's true. I'm not a disgruntled ex-employee; but a fearful one who still works there and fears for my job daily. In my entire career, this is by far the worst employer that I've every worked for; but with our economy being as such, what am I to do?

    This corporation has absolutely no loyalty to their employees; we're treated like slaves. There’s no such thing as equal employment, there's a lot of discrimination, if you look the wrong way you’re fired; and open door policy doesn’t exist, because no one wants to talk to you. Their goal is to fire the employees for stuff that is so frivolous but will disable the employee from drawing unemployment. If you're able to earn a pay increase, soon after obtaining it; you will loose it or be fired; because it’s too much overhead.

    Per the Department of Education, we're not supposed to sell education, but Kaplan will fire you if you don't. Only those who are lucky to get an enrollment after they have changed the lead policy over and over again with the intent of totally interfering with your compensation plan, are fortunate to obtain the tools needed to do the job, like viable leads. God help you if you have a bad week, because you're setup for failure; forced to work harassed leads until someone enrolls, or threatens your job for harassment and you’re put on paper work by the end of the week; which enters you into the never ending revolving door.

    My point, you have a lot of stressed out admissions employees who are pushed beyond their limits, not knowing when they will be walked out; forced to enroll all kinds of students just to stay a float. Now your prospective students are tested before entering and should they flunk the entrance assessment and can't enroll, the advisor is still held to a sells matrix that goes against the advisor, who constantly fears the lost of their job; while doing the job of other departments. Please don’t let your prospective student have a financial aid or academic question; they will get lost in the shuffle and the question will never get answered; as they are always referred back to the admissions advisors, who will loose their jobs for answering the questions.

    There are so many advisors out on personal FMLA; you would think that the people who process short term disability would have received a red flag by now. No one should have to work in an environment that is hostile and intimidating. Micro management is one thing, but Kaplan has far exceeded that area; and is simply bullying their advisors.

    This is an American version of a Sweat Shop and needs to be investigated.

  • Cu
      9th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    this one is just funny...

    I couldn't tell if there was a complaint or sexual frustration that you didn't get any parking lot loving for yourself.

    I am moved to transfer to a different school. Can i get the name of the organization where no one has affairs at work? This is important to me because I know that never happens at work anywhere else in Corporate America.

  • Le
      27th of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    Kaplan recently had a lay-off, which they failed to report to the state of Florida. I wonder if it had to do with the pregnant women they laid-off in June 2012. In the Orlando site, it was told to us that it was because of their performance but most of the pregnant women that were laid off made expectations and never received verbal or written communication about any "bad performance." Most were four months or more into their pregnancy. One women was just a week away from having the baby. The person that made that decision in upper management will certainly have legal woes to face, I hope!

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