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Kaplan College / unproffessional and misleading practices

1 Bakersfield, CA, United States Review updated:

Kaplan College was a waste of money, I was enrolled there in Bakersfield ca, in the criminal justice program. I was misled into thinking the education I went there to get was accredited and professional. the program was supposed to have hands on training and instead was an education equivalent to high school. I was forced to stop attending classes there and try to transfer credits to another school. I was not very successful in transfering to another school because most of the monies went to Kaplan. I was cloes to graduating from Kaplan five months to go and I could've had a aas degree in criminal justice from Kaplan. It was'nt worth it to me to continue at kaplan and pay more money to that school. I would not be proud graduating from Kaplan. It's also very discouraging hearing the staff make comments about their students " the students are not smart but we need to pass them so we could get our money". I was an 'A' student and never once missed a day of class in the year I spent there. I would not recommend anyone to that school. In fact I hear they will not be continuing the criminal justice program after the first graduates. Most students enrolled in the program there transfered out. What does that tell you?

Very disappointing! I owe student loans for the poor education that I tried to get at Kaplan. Please help! does any one know where I could file a formal complaint and would I have to hire an attorney to try and get reimbursed from kaplan?

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  • Av
      31st of Dec, 2009

    kaplan is a stupid piece of ### school.

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  • Av
      31st of Dec, 2009

    when i was at that school i hear the staff who is suppose to be the administrator of Medical assistant students. i hear her saying, "filipinos are not so smart" man wdf is that? and i find her very racist and chooses her favorite students. she is a discrimination and a kiss ###. i hope to get all my money back too cos i learned nothing, thank god for the big ### worthless books at least i learned something. i mean, my own teacher sleeps in class cos his reason is "i got a migrane..." like seriously?! haha well i hope you find something to fix your problem. i just kinda wanted to share my experience cos i terribly hate that piece of ### school. maybe you should hire a lawyer cos that school needs to get ###en sued.

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  • Jo
      22nd of Oct, 2010


    There is an attorney specializing in law suits against Kaplan College all over the world.

    Please email me to get the information.




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  • Ha
      22nd of Feb, 2011

    Kaplan was a waste of my time and money. The staff is highly unproffessional, and unorganized. They mislead you to think all these great things, that all turn out to be lies to get you in there and get your money. The instructors remind me of highschool, or even jr high school teachers. They are also unproffessional, and mostly dont know jack about the programs they teach. I could choose 5 random people out of a phone book that could teach and handle the programs better. They simply read right out of a text book, which I could do at home by myself. I do not think the money is worth one min at that school. It was a mistake for me to even enroll. They also had equipment outdated and not approved by OSHA. I would NOT recommend anyone to enroll in Kaplan College. All you will gain is a tremendous debt.

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  • Ka
      1st of Apr, 2011

    I was enrolled in there Medical ASST program, they buttered me like a turkey without the stuffing. It was all cool until i transfered to nights. you wil not beleave me when i say this my teacher was for the same sex. Meaning in short lesbian. I have no problems with the gay community but when they stop short and screw with my education because I was not supporting them on the ballot and interfering with my free speech!

    Oh and get this i almost did not graduate because of all the fuss. Trying to find a job is ridiculas there just is no work in california for entry level medical assitants.

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  • Ma
      7th of Jun, 2011

    I attended Kaplan college in riverside California from around june 09 to april 2010, in the Computer Support Tech program.
    Me and my fellow students were promised Job placement (still havent received a job), a internship that would could choose to go in to, which was later never offered and when asked about it we were brushed off several times. Also we were told the instructors were quality educators, well in my 9th month of school it had come to my attention that only 1(ONE) of my instructors out of four, were qualified to teach the subjects they were teaching, the others were not even CompTIA A+ Certified which is the industry minimum qualification to be a technician. We were told that our Credits were transferable to other schools and we ALL have been told no at all the colleges around here that they are not transferable. They Charged us 14K for 9months of "Education" and i found out that students that started up less then three months after me were paying upwards of 16K + for the same exact "education" from the same exact books, and teachers.

    There are plenty of other things that were promised that were never delivered, but these are a few of the biggies. Do not attend this school, as i personally believe it being on my resume has hurt my chances for many jobs.

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  • Rx
      11th of Aug, 2011

    @ MaDaCr: Kaplan College never promises "Job Placement." What the catalog clearly state is "Job Placement ASSISTANCE" from Career Services. The School catalog also clearly states on page 19, that "It should be understood that career services offered by the Institution are not an obligation or GUARANTEE OF EMPLOYMENT." (emphasis mine). I doubt if there's a school out there that will GUARANTEE an employment to graduates. How many graduates from State Colleges and Universities and private institutions do you think have been "guaranteed" a job? How manyof these graduates do you think are still cranking up resumes right now? Kaplan College is no different. be realiastic. If you go to a schooling of any kind, you can be sure you will have a student loan of some sort...unless you want to go to an ROP program!

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  • Iv
      8th of Sep, 2011

    I don't care what the catalog said about job placement, they do not help you with anything they just make you get into this loans and you can not get any job placement, in the other hand they lie to you about the credits can be transfer to other universities and is a lie I'm currently in another university taking my RN program and i had to start all over again, and thanks to Kaplan college I'm stuck with a huge loan that I have to pay back. IF ANYBODY KNOWS ABOUT A LAWYER THAT IS TAKING CARE OF THIS SITUATION PLEASE LET ME KNOW .. THANK YOU..


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  • La
      8th of May, 2013

    I am a medical office student at Kaplan and boy let me tell you how big of a joke it is at this place. You have one teacher who cares and the rest are just in it for a pay check. The education department runs around like chickens with their heads cut off, not knowing jack squat about anything, They can't give you honest straight answers, its always email me that question and I will get back to you. They also have THE highest turn around rate with instructors. In the 9 months that I have been here there has been 4 new teachers 1 of them quit already. Like a total waste of money. If I could do something to get my time and money back I sure the heck would and just go get my certification for billing and coding. Much less money and sure as he** a lot less BS that's for sure.

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  • Gr
      27th of Feb, 2014

    I'm supposed to start at Kaplan in Bakersfield Ca on March 26th of this year. And now with what I've read I'm scared to even go to that school. What school is best for me to go to for Criminal Justice? San Jouquin or what?

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  • Pi
      8th of Dec, 2014

    My lawyer and I are starting a class action suit and we are trying to get in touch with all of the students who are in debt to help them get out of debt and shed the light on kaplan and there all profit ways if you could send a summary of your experience to [protected] along with your number so i can forward it to my lawyer to contact you to join the class action suit .

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  • Ka
      29th of Feb, 2016

    I never found a job in my field. I went to Kaplan college here in Bakersfield CA. I was promised a job, better life, ect, but no nothing ever happened.. Now that Kaplan college is changing names I don't even know if my Kaplan diploma is valid?? So not only do I owe a lot in financial aid but still no medical job. All promise's broken and my happy ending smashed like glass...

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  • Td
      8th of Jun, 2018

    I ended up here after learning Kaplan closed its Bakersfield location. For the computer tech, all of the instructors had college degrees and worked in the IT field for several years. Personally I had MCSE, GSEC, Linux+, and a Bachelors degree with college courses as programming, network management, data bases, systems etc., along with working in the field since 1996 and six years with a very well known company in technology. I was due to leave Bakersfield area after being there for a few months to spend time with family but ended up staying much longer due to the program and my enjoyment of teaching there. The one thing that the students really needed was the intern opportunities that for some reason Kaplan was unwilling to commit to even though employers in the area were eager. Eventually I over stayed and had to leave Bakersfield. For students you need to invest in yourself with time. The other things I noticed is that many students were not willing to venture out of Bakersfield which is understandable. I personally gave it my best and my all to the students and I know there were some really dedicated instructors in the CJ and Medical areas with law enforcement persons part of the program. So its upsetting to see the dissatisfaction and complaints. I don't know seems like the vocational schools have been having a hard time and too much for me to get into. I think a California educational system for the community level could really benefit the area. But there are students that I know of who did land IT jobs or got promoted. I personally would hire someone that graduated from the program and held an A+ or Network + etc. The investment in yourself doesn't end there. Since then I finished my Masters degree and am ready to continue my education again. Anyways its upsetting and I really care about the students and still think of them. I'm not on line anymore so kind of hard to keep track of people. Too paranoid on Facebook and I only liked Fb because of Farmville. Don't give up on yourself and keep improving. Mr. T. (didn't come here to vote btw)

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