Kane's Furniture / HORRIBLE Customer Service!

SW College Road, Ocala, FL, US Review updated:

I needed a dresser a specific size. I "eyeballed" one, and asked the saleswoman to measure it...she did, and said it was a few inches shorter than I needed...I asked her to write it down, but she said she'd get the info from the computer. (Hurry to get my money!)

My husband picked up the dresser, we get it home - and you guessed it! It's four inches BIGGER than the size I told her I needed.

I called to complain - she said "tough". The manager said "tough" and the next manager called me back and screamed that since I had already called corporate office (I hadn't!) he didn't care what I did and hung up on me.


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      Aug 14, 2009

    Kane's is horrible! They hire desperate skanky people who are too dumb to actually know what they are doing, and back them up with "managers" who are even more ignorant.


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      Oct 20, 2010

    I went into the store in Brandon Florida to purchase also and the sale person was not pleasant at all. I purchase a sofa bed, chair with ottoman, and a coffee table.. Later to find out that the sofa bed was not in stock and that would receive in a few weeks. I asked the sale person why was I not told of this situation at the time of the sale so I canceled. After he heard of the cancellation all of a sudden it became available I still cancelled. Later he asked me if I need any thing else I said possible a mattress but not now I told him that I was ill and had to get home ( I have a painful illness) he continue to push me to look at the mattress he did not stop there I walk out of the store. On Sunday the delivery truck pulled up I saw that the chais & ottoman was not in a box so I expressed by concern about the condition the drive brought the item in did not give me a chance to look at it to see if it was ok put in back on the truck and yelled at me across the drive way if I wanted to look at it. I thought to myself why didn't he allow me to look at it when it was in my house he didn't even bring my table in. With this I was so upset with their disposition that I told him I didn't want it. Called Kane store and cancelled on that day. Later that week I received a call with no meassage for me but called my daughter to say that they are delivering the furniture my daughter informed them that I cancelled and I called the number she gave me and a message not to delivery this furniture again. I call Kane's store to find out what was going on. I was told by the manager that the girl never cancelled it on Sunday. She than cancelled all the items that I tried to purchase.. I have never dealt with a company that is so disorganized and who treat their customers with no respect. I will never shop there again I was more put out and upset about the way they handled the situation than it was worth.

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