Kampgrounds Of America [KOA]employee attitude

L Sep 21, 2018

We are RPI members and I don't know if that has an effect on the service but we sure felt like that was part of it. Tried to originally book 3 nights but only 1 was available so asked for the next available 3 nights and got that. When we checked in I committed that I was surprised with all the empty spaces it was hard for us to get the dates we had wanted and asked how many RPI spaces they had - 7 - in this huge camp area that was 1/2 empty. Then was also told that 'we loose money on RPI' like isn't something worth more than nothing? Then we were escorted to our spot. They had positioned the unit so close to the divider line that I committed "I hope we have enough room to use the slide out" Didn't bother him at all and he left. There was absolutely NO room left between the two units. Then the one that got parked on the other side of us had there door opening into our door. Talk about feeling like a sardine. Then we had a medical emergency and needed to pick the niece up in a town about 1 hr away then take her back to where we lived. We asked if we could leave our trailer someplace for a few extra hours so we didn't have to drag it both ways before going home--we you can pay for an extra day - or pay to put it in the dry storage are - but no you can't just leave it without paying even if it is for a max of 3 hours -- or the fact there was room all over the place to park it. So as you see we really felt like they just don't care about the customers they are there to help. This is our 3rd time at St. George UT's KOA and will probable be our last.

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