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I ordered flowers for Mother's Day that died within two days!!

When I called to complain that the flowers they delivered had died two days later, the gal I spoke with said that they would send a new delivery of flowers (their ### "guarantee" policy says they will send new flowers if you call within 4 days, which I did call...). One week went by and no new delivery came. I called back at that time and the man I spoke with said there was nothing he would do to help-no new flowers and no refund. I called Discover Card who put a temporary credit on my account. The investigation took almost two months. The charge appeared back on my card, and I called Just Flowers again to try an settle the issue - either making good on their promise to send new flowers or a full refund. They said they would do neither, and that too much time had passed for them to do anything. The man also said that they offered me a credit before which is a flat-out lie, otherwise I would have taken the credit altogether. made no concessions whatsoever, never even apologized, lied, did not do what they said they would do, exhibited no customer service, offered absolutely no options or solutions, and refused to refund the charge or deliver new flowers - the latter which they initially said they would do but didn't. I have never in my life seen such total BS from a company- they act like thugs who take your money and do not provide the services promised. Furthermore, their customer service is non-existent and they either lie or do nothing to solve issues. I was so upset at the last guy I spoke with I told him to F*?! Off - a terrible thing to say to anyone!


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