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I received a phone call from Just Energy after changing plans to go with IGS. IGS had offered me a lower rate and I took it as I explained to the gentlemen. He said that I was out of contract and he was calling to renew. Then he continued to offer me another year at 6.99mcf when the rate was 5.49. IGS had offered me 4.94 mcf. I ask the gentlemen if he had a lowerr rate to offer me and he continued to say that I was ina contract after he had said I was no longer in one. He kept pushing the 6.99 for the year. Started yelling at me over the phone I had told him no that I didn't want to change from IGS that I had just switched over because of the lowerr rate. He just kept pushing me and saying I was ina contract. I got upset I told him I didn't appreciate him bulling me after I had told him no. So, I ended the conversation with him by handing the phone to my boyfriend so he could finish it. Hows that for rude...

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      6th of Feb, 2013

    Just energy just came to my door saying they had just contracted Somerville, Ma. Asked to see my electric bill and explained to me that the " general service contract "under supplier meant that I didn't have a supplier and was being over charged. Made all sorts of general savings claims about seeing my electric go down dramatically. Normally suspicious I had seen them earlier in the neighborhood walking the dogs and had a pleasant interaction about the dogs that when they rang my bell I felt obliged to hear them out. Made it sound like a really good deal for me. Wasn't until I investigated after they left that I noticed they slipped the 5 years commitment in a very deceptive way and speaking fast ran round all the negative point like their price is higher and getting out of the contract nearly impossible. Told them I wanted to wait and they said I could go ahead and do the paperwork and could cancel with in 30 days. Not likely.
    Felt like I really dodged a bullet ! Notifying neighbors ...

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      24th of Apr, 2014

    A "Just Energy" employee just knocked on my door, I answered in the middle of having dinner and I simply said "No Thank you" and shut my door. Then she YELLS "no thank you WHAT" I hear her yelling things outside in front of numerous neighbors and children. I open my door back up and say "excuse me" she's them SCREAMS "KEEP ON PAYING THAT HIGH ### ENERGY BILL THEN" I say do not yell at me and that is not your job. So again no thank you and shut my door once again..Only to hear her continually saying that same thing about a high ### bill. However what she didn't know is that over half the year my energy bill is only 60.00-70.00$ and around 100.00 in the summer months with central air. So i'm pretty sure i'm already getting thee best rate!!! Disrespectful and very rude i'm still shaking my head at her ignorance!!! She was disgusting and should be terminated!!!

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