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I needed new brakes & I knew I'd pay at least $100.00. I saw an ad for Just Brakes Pads & shoes for just $99.88. I thought that was wonderful so I went there. Well, I knew that they would need to inspect the current brakes to see if I needed either new pads & shoes or both. But I was not prepared for them to destroy the front brakes just so that they may emphasize their explanation as to why I should get new ones! When I say destroy, they literally used a crow bar & hammer on them because they wouldn't just come right off. I was furious when I saw the mechanic do this! Well, after he managed to literally smash both to pieces he told me that I need new front rotors along with the brakes & I told him that if he didn't use the hammer & crowbar on them that I wouldn't need new rotors. I had new pads put on rotors that were in the same condition before on a different car. Granted the rotors were rusty, but they were still useable. Again he couldn't get the assembly to release so here comes the hammer again. Then the Manager comes out & says the total in materials & labor would be around $800.00! I told him I can't afford that price, which was true. I only had about $600 available in my checking account. He made it so that w/ taxes it came out just a few dollars under $600.

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  •   Nov 25, 2008

    Need to get my wheels barrier replace on the left driver side of my truck, the price started off at $500.00 dollar by the time I got a call the price was $1009.00. Okay, the manager was saying now I need to get my rotor replace and I just had those done last year and brakes as well. Then the manager gave me the long story about my the tire falling off when he place my truck on the lift. Then I told him that I didn't have $1009.00 to get my truck repair, then he stated that if I didn't pay for entire repair, I won't be able to get my truck back with out paying something the minimum would be $500.00. Okay I drop the truck off on 18th of October and I explain that prior to leaving my truck that I didn't have the money.

    So, I ask could I leave my truck here until the 31st of October, because I needed time to come up with money. Okay the manager agree I could leave my truck there and won't be charge a storage fee or diagnose fee. Okay after talking to the manager who was very disrespectful about not allow me to have my truck towed, I was speaking with on the phone and he never mention that my truck couldn't be towed. The store manager call me back a hour later and said that my truck couldn't be towed because it only had three tires, so he told the towing company that they couldn't take the truck. I wanted to have to truck towed back to my house which was walking distance. I called the corporate office and spoke the distance manager and he was worse the store manager. Bottom lines is don't ever take your vehicle to any of the Just Brakes they are about making money at your expense.

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  • Me
      Dec 25, 2008

    STAY WELL AWAY... my husband was quoted $99, then once they took the car apart was told it would be more like $650.. when my husband refused this they said that it would be a problem to put it together again.. my husband made the mistake of negotiating with them down to $330; only for us to return 5 hours later and get a bill for $454... when my husband argued with them the fact that they had quoted him $330 upon agreeing to have the work done they called him a liar and showed him some paperwork that he had signed that had not actually had the price displayed there upon doing so... bottom line is that this is a big big con... STAY AWAY.. you will get ripped off and robbed off your hard earned cash... they commit fraud and are cheats and liars.. will be reporting them to the BBB as well

    I've also been checking the net for similar complaints, as it seems this company is flooded with them... how do these people stay in business? Surely consumers should be better protected and be able to do more about this sort of thing!!

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  • Ju
      Aug 29, 2014

    Thank you for the feedback. We apologize for the delay in responding to your concern. Just Brakes
    was not made aware of this website until just now. We are also under new management. At Just Brakes we strive for 100% customer satisfaction and appreciate feedback that will help us achieve that goal. We
    are sorry to hear that you were not satisfied and would like to hear more from you. Please contact our corporate office at [protected] to be connected with the local Market Director. We look forward to serving you.

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