Just Brakes #604Unscrupulous practices

This is in response to an article in the St. Pete Times online article posted 22 June, 2004.
I had a wear indicator squeal from the front brakes of my 99' Blazer with 52, 000 original miles on her. I go in to ideally change the pads all the way around the vehicle for their advertised price of $99. After "inspection" they tell me that my front disc rotors can't be "machined" due to them not being "within tolerance". Remember, these are the original brake pads and rotors so anyone who has dealt with an honest mechanic (if they truly exist) knows that under normal circumstances, the rotors can be turned at least once. That was my first red flag. I even asked to see the micron meter readings and the tolerance specs from their own supposed documentation. He stated that he'd have to look them up which naturally prompted me to ask, "If you have to look them up, then how can you quote specs and tolerances just after the inspection." He naturally diverted the question to his "technician" who of course knows the specs from years of expertise. Due to the year of the truck, I decided to change out the front rotors. Meanwhile, naturally there's an issue with the back calipers not opening and closing "The way they're supposed to." According to the technician, they are suddenly sticking and a full brake line bleed is necessary at an additional cost of course. I grudgingly agreed and eventually had all disc rotors and pads replaced. I pay my $256.35 bill and depart (not too bad). I immediately feel resistance similar to the brakes are being applied. About five minutes later, I smell something burning. I pull over and notice smoke coming from my driver's side rear rotor. I call them back and the sales manager stated that it sounded like my caliper is sticking (foreshadowing maybe?). I slowly go back to Just Brakes and am subjected to the additional caliper fees and additional labor costs. Remember, there wasn't a caliper issue until I came to Just Brakes. My suspicion is that the expert technician intentionally installed the old calipers in such a way that would cause them to react the way they did.
While waiting on the new calipers from Advance Auto, I had a smoke brake (no pun intended) with the technician and we discussed my military career and pay / benefits and he also expressed his approximate annual salary. I say approximate because he divulged that the mechanic and I suspect the sales manager as well, make commission of part sales. Hmmm? Sounds like an incentive to embellish on what is actually needed to ensure your safe in the event that you actually need to use your brakes huh?
Oh yeah, they also have about a 25% mark up on parts from the auto parts store just ½ mile down the road. I know this because I called Advance to check the price just to see how much more they're charging. I even asked the sales manger if there is a markup due to delivery. He said, "No, they deliver for free!".
I understand companies are in the business to make money, but deception or outright lying is inexcusable. This is one of those cases you wish you could scream from the proverbial rooftops to warn motorists who need work done! I guess this is what is known as wisdom. It would be wise not to go to Just Brakes again! :)
By the way, my final bill? When it was all said and done I was subjected to a whooping $658.38! A $99.00 brake service; I have a feeling that rarely happens. To their credit, in the commercial they do say something to the effect that additional fees may be required (more foreshadowing perhaps). Remember, "At Just Brakes we really do, care!" (about your money; additional fees and services may be required).
I wrote this to inquire if anything came about during the sting operation and maybe some sort of class action law suit that might have come about due to their unscrupulous practices?


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