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South Africa

In April l opened an account with Russell northgate l took a Samsung radio and a fridge l payed until that last installment bt a month before l finish my amplifier back to Russell coz one day it just couldn't switch on it was in 2015 April they gave me a paper where they wrote the amplifier serial number the date my phone number etc they gave me a copy and they took a copy after 4 months in august l went back to check if l can collect it there was nothing l went back home l stayed again without a word from them in October l went back again and they were Even shocked that it was not at their shop also so they say they will look into it coz it's too much they will call me which they never did bt when I was still paying for the items when I pass my due date of payment they would call me bt now it's them they never called or say anything or even an SMS never to assure me that they are doing something about it. from October till April, 2016 they were quite until l decided to go again only to find there was new manager and some stuff l told the new manager my story who l showed the paper they gave me a year ago only for him to find out that it didn't have a stamp l told him what should I do he gave me the. Two number to call so that they might help [protected] and [protected] in October 2016 l called those numbers first time l told the customer service guy and l gave him my numbers he said he will get back to me after a week l called again they never did anything up until now lm frustrated lm tired lm pissed off last time l called my airtym got finished before l even speak to a consultant and today the same thing happened my airtym got finished before I even speak to anyone after all they don't even call you back l don't know what to do now it's been 2 years since l took my amplifier to Russell northgate in my house l can not even play music l regret ever opening an account at Russell by the way the last time I was there l told the manager to delete that account l was pissed off and lm still pissed off l hope you will do something about it soon it bothers me to pay for something that you won't use. by the way my email if you want to contact me. [protected]

Jan 21, 2017

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