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Joshua Doore - Russells / selling merchandise which they do not have

1 Elsies River, South Africa
Contact information:

[Customer Resolution Centre #573663].
On 24 November 2017 I bought a queen size bed from Russells Elsies River. I was told to pay extra for the delivery of the bed and that it would be delivered the next day, 25 November 2017, I should just wait for the call as they will contact me when they are on their way. I received no call nor did I receive a bed. 1 week went by and still I heard nothing, I went to the store and was told by Caroline Ernstzen they will just checked on my order and it's on the delivery van and they're on their way, I should wait at home. So I rushed back home, waited and no bed. The following week I called daily and was told they would call me back as they just need to follow up to find out where my bed is but I received no call backs and every day I had to call AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and kept getting lied to. Eventually, Caroline told me on the phone they do not have stock and would get stock the following week and my bed would be delivered (already 3 weeks later, also keep in mind no one has ever called me and I had to follow up everytime) I waited and no one came nor called. I called again, this time asked for a manager. racquel carter who is the branch manager came to the phone (did not even apologize but then again none of them did) also promised to follow up and then call me back but never did. I eventually called myself again, a day later and again asked to speak to racquel carter, she insisted she told Caroline to call me. She said they have no stock and does not know when they will have stock. I asked her how it's possible for them to sell merchandise they do not even have and why was I not told any of this when I bought the bed or the following week when I called daily to follow up? She responded by saying she will let me know when they have stock (again, no acknowledgment or answering my question) I asked her as we are now in the 4th week and I had to follow up daily and have had no call backs and have been lied to, can I then not be compensated. She said no, initially, but I was frustrated and I told her exactly that and I said that I would like a bigger bed (I bought a queen size so now I am requesting the king size) as compensation and because it has been a month and because it is illegal to sell me something you do not have. racquel carter said she will follow up and get back to me which of course, AGAIN, did not happen. So I called again, by this time it has already been 5 weeks, I again spoke to Caroline who has now become extremely rude, for example she kept speaking afrikaans despite the fact that I speak and spoke english and responded in english, when I told her that it's inconvenient that I still do not have my bed and the fact that I have to call every time, she said to me that is not her problem and she really couldn't care. I can either wait until the new year or I should take my money and shove off. I called her unprofessional and disgusting but at no point was I rude or did I swear and I would like for you to pull those call recordings if you can please. I then made a complaint on facebook but they keep sending the same "copy and paste" response 'someone will contact you, please be patient blah blah blah' I am still disgusted by how this woman spoke to me, I can't believe it! I then called again and again and again and they refused to escalate. I sent an email to russells complaints and had an area manager call me back lucille martin, she made it very clear that she is willing to give me a smaller bed (double bed) because she is not willing to make a loss by giving me a bigger bed in the same brand. I asked her if it is then fair that I take a smaller bed and have a loss as a customer because she is not willing to make a loss on her business because they sold me something they do not have and I add again, which is illegal (AGAINST THE LAW) to do, she said she can't do it and will not make the loss and it's not like she's forcing me because I can always just take my money back. I told her that's not the point and obviously I bought the bed for a reason, because I need it! I said they were quick to take my money and cash for the delivery but now they are refusing to offer any assistance and I say any assistance because what I have been getting thus far has not been assistance! I asked her if it was then possible to give me the same size bed in a different brand and she still refused, she said she already gave me my options and if I don't like it then tough but she will not make a loss, so I either take my money, take a smaller bed or wait until the new year (which is now of course) I should get some form of compensation because this is a mess up on their end and not mine so I don't see why I should be punished and the service is absolutely appalling. I am yet to receive a call back. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. I NEED MY BED.

Jan 2, 2018

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