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Cape Town, ZA
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I lay byed me a black 3 piece lounge suite and I fetch it 3 months ago at your store... my couches is broken the seats as well as the arms of the couches I discovered it this on the 25 November 2016, what cheap stuff are you guys selling to the people.
There is a whole dent in the 1 seat if I sit down then I go right down in chair and I mean I only have its for about 4 months... I don't evens want to know how it would look or be if its a year... what do I have do regarding that I am unsatisfied I do not like it... I'm so disappointed in the quality and paid so much money for it... I think the best resolution for my complaint would be if I receive a refund for my couches.. I don’t want it to be fixed because it is definitely going to break again because it seems as if its made with cheap wood... disappointed muchness...

Joshua Doore - Russells
Joshua Doore - Russells

Dec 04, 2016

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