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Worst customer service ever!!! We purchased a "Jordan's Brand" mattress in 2008at their Avon MA location in the Sleep Lab and we had nothing but issues with it to begin with maybe we should have not bought "Jordan's" brand but we figured since it was theirs any issues would be dealt with locally - how wrong were we!!! -
First, 2 months into the owning it the box spring was defective they replaced it only after 3 times coming out to recheck it then wait 10 weeks for the delivery then they came out 2 weeks ago (I left work to meet the rep so more personal time wasted for Jordan’s) and then they called and told me they would replace the COMPLETE set as the box springs were yet again defective causing the "above normal" sag depth - I was advised to use mild soap and water to clean the dust stain (which the rep even stated was due to the mattress pad removal was due to when we flipped and rotated it, we knew it was always to be covered as we were told stains will VOID the warranty) so I did clean the only area I was advised to - they told me since they no longer make or carry that set anymore that I had to come in to the store and pick out another set and anything over the cost I HAD TO PAY THE DIFFERENCE - how annoying considering it was their brand and all, so we went to Avon location spent half hour looking around then a lady came to assist us, then I had to pay the difference as well as the difference in the sales tax !!! Well 7am 5/14/2011 the delivery drivers show up and bring all the wrapped stuff in through the front door and upstairs and then call their reps at [protected]. Time goes by as they we waiting for ANYONE to answer the phones, it is NOW 8:03am and at this point spoke with a rude female rep named Chris (customer service is NOT her calling) and told her there was another stain on the right side which was NEVER even mentioned to me !!! They brought the new set in - hello..Wouldn’t you take the existing bedding out first ??? they woke up being so loud my 3 kids and disrupted the entire morning so for what NOTHING they would not even take it they called their rep Chris who was soooo rude so was telling me that it was to be professionally cleaned and that I was told that, well guess what I wasn't! I was not told to have the mattress professionally cleaned and honestly why would I, it was being replaced AFTER your technicians said so?!?!?!?!? After being blindsided by the rudeness of Chris, I demanded to speak with a Supervisor she then so nicely disconnected me, then I receive a return phone call at 8:08am from Jay Renezello on my cell phone at the "Call Center Supervisor in Bedding" said there was nothing he could do that they would lose the cost of the reimbursement from the company if it was to have any stains on it - DO YOU THINK THAT TO SAVE A CUSTOMER YOU WOULD TAKE THE $626.36 LOSS AND ACCOMIDATE THE CUSTOMER SINCE I MISSED WORK TO MEET THE REP THEN SPEND GAS TO DRIVE TO AVON MASS AND WASTE MORE TIME TO PICK OUT A NEW MATTRESS, THEN PAY THE DIFFERENCE IN TAX AND COST OF THE BED SET??? AND TO DISRUPT THE ENTIRE MORNING BASED ON A ISSUE THAT WAS NOT EVEN ANYTHING I SIGNED TO HAVE A PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED MATTRESS??
Jay Renzello at [protected] extension 4639 did ABSOLUTELY nothing to even warrant us to ever shop at Jordan's EVER AGAIN and did not give us closure on the mattress!!! I guess the terrible service issue we had with our boys bunk bed issue (being replaced not once but 3 times due to faulty and safety issues with the wood and ladder) we had in 2009 was a sign of how poorly things were running at this now disappointing business!!!

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  • Je
      Aug 05, 2015

    Sadly, consumers have few rights with the exception of the right to be the third party as the buyer between the second party as the seller, in this case Jordan's furniture store, and the first party "manufacturer" of the products sold by Jordan's - which incidentally is "their name on the mattress". Jordan's furniture does NOT stand by the products sold by them (whether they are the manufacturers or not). They DO fall back on the "manufacturer's guarantee" which is backed by THE MANUFACTURER'S INSPECTION MARSHAL" that comes to one's home for the inspection of a consumer's complaint. Seems reasonable? Until the inspection marshal findings are not available for the consumer to access until after the report has been delivered to Jordan's furniture. Consumer rights?

    In our attempt to exchange a year-old mattress and secure one that wasn't sagging beyond our comfort, we contacted Jordan's and complied with the protocal of an in-home inspection completed by their "mattress marshal" supplied by the manufacturer. And so the circle begins!

    Our request for a copy of the inspection report completed by the inspector was denied by the inspector. We then asked to read the inspection report and was also denied. Weeks afterwards, we received a form letter from the customer relations department (no name assigned) that their review of the bedding inspection determined that the wear is from normal use and that the mattress is designed to conform to the body's individual contours. Thus, we followed up with "custoner relations" and indicated that the sagging has occured along all edges of the mattress and the hump in the middle of the bed makes it difficult to sleep anywhere but at either edge of the bed. We were told that the bed is not defective per the guidlelines of the manufacturer's warranty of one and a half inch of sagging and that the report indicates one half an inch of sagging. Of course, that is the inspector's results which we could not address because he "could not" share the results of his inspection. And the hump in the middle of the bed was noted by customer relations that all king beds have what is called a king hump caused by the natural body impressions of the occupants sleeping habits. So, the customer relation's expert knows more and better than we do based on the manufacturer's warranty. They who are not sleeping in our sagging bed with a hump in the middle that will not conform to natural body impressions of the occupants who like to sleep together in an undivided bed. The fact remains that we have had other mattresses which did not have a "king hump" in the middle nor have the king beds of relatives and friends alike.

    So what is the recourse? We can wait another year or so for another inch or so to sag AND be given the same story that it's all about the normal wear and tear of the product. Or we can dispose of the mattress and buy a new one for another $1700 elsewhere. Jordan's loses a customer, and from the thread of many customer reviews, Joedan gets new customers all the time. The consumer dance continues and they know it and take full advntage of it.



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  • Mo
      Aug 15, 2016

    I've experienced the exact same thing. No recourse.

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