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On March 26th my family of 17 met from out of town in Albany oregon to celebrate my father's 77th birthday. Upon arrival we discovered that our reservation was for 15 and not 17, we always ask for the private room because there are so many of us. When the server came to help us rearrange our tables to accommodate us the assistant manager came in and said we were not a private party to the server and now she was going to not be able to accommodate the other party of 12 who had reservation also she then proceeded to open up all of drapes that opened up into the dining room giving us no privacy, I closed the drapes she came back and complained again to the server. There was still half the room available for us to share with the other party, instead of talking to us proceeded to complain to the server and open the drapes again I closed them again and she rudely opened them up in my face and said this was not a party and not to be able close the drapes, she continued to complain to the other employees so we got up all 17 of us and started to walk out the door and let them know that was so rude unprofessional and we would not be back. She proceeded to say that's your choice and we were asked to leave from there. I have work in the food industry for a number of years and am now a social worker, I have never experienced the amount of unprofessional conduct of the manager on duty that day.

Mar 27, 2017

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