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I ordered a dress on February 18 and received it on March 19, 2018. I ordered the dress exactly as it was pictured in their online catalog. The dress I received did not look like the dress in the picture. Not only was it a different color altogether but it did not fit properly at all. As described by another consumer with a similar issue the dress was baggie in places that it should've been fitted and it was too tight in places in which it should have been ample. I have now sent over eight emails back-and-forth to a post sales team member who continually strings me along and offers me a discount coupon and tells me that I can keep the dress. They have refused to provide me with a return authorization code and a return address. I do not want this dress! I have no intention of wearing this dress, and I want what I am entitled to which is a full refund given that the dress has not been worn and all the original tags are still on. I am beyond frustrated !
I have every intention of filing formal complaints against this company with whatever consumer agencies I can. This is completely unacceptable as a business practice.

Mar 21, 2018
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  • Ge
      Mar 21, 2018

    Hi Anne.

    Appreciate hearing your concerns.

    JJHouse is a quality manufactor and retailer of women's clothing.
    Unfortunately, not all orders are available to be returned.

    In order to process a return, a product return request form must be properly filled out and submitted within a seven (7) days upon receipt.

    Hopefully this helps.

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  • Bt
      May 07, 2018

    The same thing is happening to me right now! I am in e-mail #6. I fully plan on turning this company into the better business bureau (looked them up and they have a 1.58 stars out of 5). I used to be an investigative reporter so I completely plan on contacting fellow colleagues so we can share with the world how horrible this company is! I paid Extra to have them make this dress with my custom measurements. They say they did but they did not. I even took it to a professional seamstress who measured the dress and compared it to the measurements I gave. They are completely off! I can't even wear the dress jjshouse sent me! It literally falls off my shoulders. Their suggestion? To take it to a tailor and get it taken in! What kind of business are they running? Consumer beware... STAY AWAY FROM PURCHASING ANYTHING FROM JJSHOUSE!!!

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  • Ra
      May 26, 2018

    My experience with this company has been terrible! First off me and 4 bridesmaids placed an order through them and followed exact guidelines. We ordered the sizes according to their specifications. Well the dresses all came 2 sizes too large, so I thought no problem we can exchange them, cause we didn’t pay for custom sizing. Well first they refused, but finally agreed. They had me pay to send them back to get a refund so I could turn around and purchase the right sizes. Well the package was returned to me cause it was a false address I guess, so I contacted them about it and they apologized giving me a new address to return them to. Well today I went to ship them back again, and the whole thread of conversation with the new return address just disappeared. I’m still waiting on a response from this company, but would never trust them for any occasion. After all we would’ve never ordered from them if we had known they were this dishonest.

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