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I bought two shoes from jjshouse and same size, one fits perfectly while the other didn't. I asked to return the one that didn't fit but they persuaded me to keep it and take a 50%($46 CAD) refund in coupon which I can use for any other purchase on their website. Because it would cost more to ship back the item from Canada to China I accepted their resolution. On black-Friday I decided to shop and use my 50% refund code but realised that I couldn't because they've black-Friday sales. So I chatted a live agent on the website and she told me to proceed and that she would inform the sales billing team to adjust my bill with my 50% refund code for previous purchase. Immediately I submitted it and provided the order number to her and she told me it would be taken care of. I didn't get any notification until after two days  I got an email stating that they couldn't apply my $46 refund balance to the over $700CAD purchase I made. I went back online and requested that my order should be cancelled since they're not interested in my business and was told that the order has been cancelled and that someone would contact me. It's over 24hours  and I have not received any email confirming the cancellation neither has anyone gotten back to me.

Nov 27, 2018

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