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I ordered a custom made dress from this company in July of 2017 for a cruise in August. When it arrived, the top portion of the dress was way too large. I could not keep the dress up on my shoulders even with tape. Due to the time constraint, I took the dress to a local seamstress to see if it could be altered. She looked at the measurements I provided JJ's House and concluded that the dress was made several inches too large and that it could not be altered without ruining the dress. The sleeves had intricate beading that she said would be ruined. She refused to touch it and said she would basically have to remake the whole dress costing me a lot of money. I tried another seamstress and got the same response. Neither would touch the dress. I notified JJ's House and sent an email with pictures as requested. I received a follow up email instructing me that they would be willing to give me a 15% refund to accommodate me taking the dress to a tailor to have it fixed. I asked if they even read my first email. If they did, they would know I already took it to two reputable samstresses with the same result. So I re-explained to them what both seamstresses said and that the dresses measurements in the bust were several inches off and reminded them I sent pictures to prove it was way too large. I got back a duplicate email of their first one offering me 15% off and telling me to take it to a tailor. I again emailed them stating that this was unsatisfactory as I could not get a local seamstress to fix the dress because they would ruin the sleeves trying to fix it. It only needed fixed due to their mistake because the measurements were more than an inch off. I then asked if anyone is actually reading my emails as they are not answering me and instead are sending me duplicate form emails. I have heard nothing but crickets from JJ's House ever since I sent that email. I have sent them several emails with no response. So now, I am out a lot of money and I am stuck with a worthless dress. At this point, their customer service is non-existent and I believe I was purposefully ignored with hopes I would just go away. Sorry about their luck. I may not be able to get a response or refund but I can make sure that others know about their shady business practices and poor customer service. I don't want anyone else to go through this especially as this site sells wedding gowns. BUYER BEWARE

JJ's House

Sep 18, 2017

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