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Baldwin Park, CA, United States
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I placed an order and when I got to check-out, I'm told that PayPal doesn't allow foreign transactions. The first problem is involving PayPal into the payment process. Other sites provide for direct credit card input. However, the website allows different countries to be entered into the shipping process. Their excuse was "not to worry" about the transaction being denied and to pay with Western Union (WU) online or go to a Western Union location. Why would anyone want to pay absorbent WU fees with a highly recognized international Visa card is being used or go somewhere to make a payment? To add insult to injury, they want you to then provide them with all the transaction details. So much for expedient online shopping. Don't waist your time as their customer service sucks! Doesn't say much for their product either as customer service is everything in today's shopping market...

Oct 23, 2017

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