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Hi my name is Claudia, I am very angry about how I have been treated by Jet star customer services.
My husband and myself booked a ticket to the Gold Coast on the 5th November 2012, and due to us arriving late, because an bereavement in the family we missed our flight, I was told at thee front desk theat if we wish to travel we had to rebook, so we did. The next booking I made was for thee 12th November a week later. This booking was made on thee 6the November 2012, however due to a computer failure I wasn't able to proceed to make a payment, I went back to the booking and found it was still sitting on my booking. So what I did I went into Internet banking with details that I had from the booking I made on the 5th November I made an automatic payment to Jet star. The next day I followed this up phone call to customer services at Jet star, they informed me theat I needed to send a copy of the Bank Statement, which I promptly did, a few minutes later I received a text that they had received the information and gave me a reference number CAS-675420-MS3VPF and theat it will be dealt withe in 15 days unless I was travelling with in 72 hours and that I had to contact service immediately. I was told to give them 48 hour and that it would be sorted. I never heard anything so I phoned back and was told that they would be in touch within the day, still nothing has been done.
My husband and I phoned again on thee 10th November and a this stage I was getting very upset because time for departure was getting closer, we were informed that it was very unlikely that we would be travelling on Monday, now this isn't good enough we have already booked our return ticket from Australia with another company on the 19th November and we are also going lose this money. The reason we will not buy another ticket, is because they won't honour the first ticket that we paid for why should we pay again. The only thing we want is for someone to take responsibility and give us the holiday that we booked for.

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  • Ni
      Feb 07, 2011

    I am wondering what is "Customer Service" to Jetstar nowadays. I have been waited for more than 3 working days as promised by the manager of Contact Centre that someone from the Customer Service Unit will call me back. However when someone called me back today (Since 11 Jan 2011 till today - 7 Feb 2011), he can't even solve my issues and also refused to let me speak to someone higher. To him, he is the highest point of contact and insisted that he can't transfer call nor getting anyone else to call me. The worst part - HE HANG UP MY LINE AS HE CAN"T HANDLE ME AT ALL.

    I doubt that Jetstar's higher management know about such bad conduct of their customer service executive, manager as well as their so call CUSTOMER SERVICE UNIT!

    I urge that someone from the highest management to review their calls and call me back urgently. The customer service executive, manager & the so call CUSTOMER SERVICE UNIT promised that their calls were being recorded but when the guy called me back today, he told me "UNFORTUNEATELY THEIR CALLS NOT BEING RECORDED".

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  • An
      Feb 11, 2011

    Hi Nicholas, Sorry to hear about your experience. Can you please provide your details here so we can investigate further. Thanks, Jetstar.

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  • Ci
      Nov 25, 2012

    did they contact you? i have a similar situation and jetstar is just ignoring me

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  • Mi
      Feb 15, 2013

    I booked a cheap flight for two to Auckland as a Gift and later found out that it was the incorrect name for one of the passangers as I was going off a nickname at the time but got the actual name wrong, So called up Jetstar customer service to get the name changed to the correct one. they told me they needed a new seat as that one will be gone. (Where I want to know as that person is the same person just a different name I wasn't adding another person just changing the existing one.) she later went on to say that it would cost an extra $80 to do so. That is more than the flight cost to start with. WTF Right!
    Whlie I proceeded to tell her this the cost went up another $20, so in the end she wanted to charge me a total of $100. It only costs $50 to get a flight change. Why so expensive to correct a name! I told her it will be cheaper to get a new ID. and to forget about it! I will talk to someone higher. Turns out there is no one higher and no one there will hear my plea. Why so expensive!!! I mean they changed the booking to and earlier one anyway I wasn't subsidised for that! and now they want to charge so much for my request, and if I cancel to go to Air NZ I get nothing in return anyway!!

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  • Ou
      Jul 02, 2013

    They always say they will call you back… they never do you email… . They say to call… you call they say they will call you back… .

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  • De
      Feb 23, 2014

    For the past six years i am flying with jet star but this time when i and my family came to Singapore, and waited at the airport for nearly eight hours to catch the JQ62 plane at my kids were hungry we went to have some food and came to the counter at 9.25pm, when we came there for all of us surprise the counters were closed, so we went to the information counter and told them what happend to us, the lady there tried her best and called Mr Fredie but he refuse to board us in to the plane. so we waited at the airport the whole night and the next day we had bought our tickets again and come to the next day we were near the boarding gates we saw people coming at 10.00pm also to board on the plane.why are you all doing this to some people and not for every one, i am Dennis and my email address is [protected], because of this i missed a important meeting as well as my money .

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