JDG Financial Services / JD Groupharassment

I bought furniture from Supreme Furnitures Botswana, I found that my new furniture item had a handle that was broken. I phoned the branch and let them know. I then held back on one payment to try and pursuade them to come and fix. Alas, the poor sevice of Supreme no one cared and instead I had your office calling me EVERY MONTH!!! Now, this story was explained to your office but NO ONE CARED!!! To this day it was never fixed but that's water under the bridge. The real problem...

My consumer rights were abused by Supreme and still I had to endure the calls that would come from JDG Financial Service, sometimes thanking me for my payment (and I am a good payer with them!!). Sometimes they would call to ask me when I am getting paid (OUT OF LINE WHEN I AM NOT OVERDUE). Even the outbound Manager has no customer care. I asked for her manager's email address so that they are made aware that they harass people. She told me that she has forwarded my mail and there has been no follow up.

Why are you doing this to people?

Jan 27, 2017

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