JC Penney Company / south county store, st. louis mo

J. C. Penney should be ashamed of the condition of the store located at South County Shopping Mall, located at Lindbergh Ave. and Lemay Ferry Rd. in St. Louis MO. It has been getting messier and messier for several years but as of this past week I found the condition of the store downright disgraceful!

All the departments with women's clothing were nothing but jam packed racks of Red Zone clearance items. The racks were so tightly packed that it was impossible to look through them and there was no room between racks. Most of the items appeared to be damaged and soiled. Items were all over the floors. Dressing rooms were beyond messy.

I went looking specifically for several items J. C. Penney normally carries only to find that no new merchandise was available, only a store full of damaged old items in disarray. Charity thrift shops are far better cared for and cleaner than the South County store is at present.

To add to the insult, none of the men's clothing sections were in such condition. Only those departments carrying women's clothing. Surely management does not assume that female shoppers want to claw through such a jumbled, damaged, soiled mass of mess to find new clothing! And you wonder why you are losing business to online competitors!

I used to work in that very store some years ago when the management took pride in maintaining a clean, well organized, well stocked store that made shopping an easy, inviting, pleasurable experience for customers. If J. C. Penney expects to survive as a successful, profitable business, you need a total change in how the South County store and all other locations are managed, maintained, stocked, cleaned, and staffed from the top down.

May 30, 2018

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