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JC Penney Company / jcpenney furniture

1 Wappingers Falls, NY, United States
Contact information:

I ordered a new couch on March 9th, 2018. Order number 1666386. I visited the store in Poughkeepsie, NY and ordered the couch. The salesman told me 4 - 6 weeks for delivery. I swiped my debit card, but no money was taken out of my account. A couple of days later, there was still no money taken out of my account, so I called the store and got the salesman that helped me. He said that "in my experience, you should be charged within 48 hours of placing the order."

Another 2 days goes by, and still nothing. I call the JCPenney customer care phone number I was given. They tell me that normally, customers aren't charged for the item until it ships. This upset me because I didn't want to keep holding out money for the couch in my account. A couple of weeks goes by, and I see a hold on my account for the amount of the couch, then a couple days after that, the hold is released, with the money put back in my account. I called customer care again and was told that usually when that happens, the item is ready to ship within a few days. This was the last week of March. The beginning of April comes, still no money taken out and the item had not shipped.

Last week, the week of April 12th, I haven't heard anything regarding the status of my couch, so I call customer care yet again. The representative tells me that my item is on back order. When I asked for how long, he didn't know and gave me the phone number to StyleLine, the manufacturer of the couch. At that time, I asked that the delivery fee be waived. I called StyleLine and they tell me that the couch shipped from their facility about a week before my phone call. When I call Customer Care back to tell them this, a new representative tells me that "just because the system says it's on backorder, doesn't mean it actually is on backorder."

Later on last week, my wife gets a phone call finally informing us of a delivery date, which was this past Monday, the 16th. I was given a window of between 1 - 3pm. The delivery people, XPO Logistics, showed up right at 3pm. The two delivery guys handled the delivery incredibly poorly. Two spots on my brand new couch were sopping wet from the way these guys handled it (It had been raining that day where I live). Furthermore, after they left, I noticed that the stitching on one of the cushions was coming apart already.

I called Customer Care again to complain about the delivery. After the couch showed up, I still hadn't been charged for it. I was told that they would still have the delivery fee waived, and that I would be issued an additional $250 check for my troubles.

Earlier this morning, I saw that still no money was taken out of my account. I spoke to a woman at Customer Care in Columbus, Ohio who told me that she and somebody from Corporate would call me before noon time. About 10 minutes ago, I saw that I was finally charged for the couch, but WITH the delivery fee!!! After I was specifically told by one of the representatives that it would be waived before they charged me. I am calling JCPenney Customer Care again and demanding a full refund.

JCPenney Furniture is completely incompetent. I will never be ordering any sort of furniture from them, nor will I order anything online from them ever again. Screwing up an order this many times, means that you do not deserve one cent of my money ever again. Anything short of a full refund for the couch I purchased is unacceptable.

Adam A.

Apr 19, 2018

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