ITV / tv show - coronation street

United Kingdom

I will not be watching coronation street anymore. It was the only soap I watched but now I won't be watching any and will spend my half an hour doing something much more worth while. If I wanted to watch a psycho thriller I would put one on, however, when I put corrie on I'm expecting to watch a soap opera at 7.30pm NOT an over the top late at night psycho thriller! I thought Eastenders was bad enough and I stopped watching that 10 years ago! I am absolutely sick of seeing phelans fat, ugly head on the tv, I feel like vomiting everytime I see him and now that there is no light at the end of the tunnel for Andy I don't see the point in watching this boring load of rubbish anymore. I don't care what Phelan's planning next and no punishment would be enough so corrie you've lost another viewer! Spokesperson for corrie, stop trying to justify what you have shown and listen to your ex fans - it is too violent and gruesome, it is NOT entertainment!!!

Oct 29, 2017

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