ITV / royal ascot

Grantham, England, East Midlands, United Kingdom

I think somebody should be held to account for the crass presentation of Royal Ascot this year.

Dumbing down was putting it mildly - it seems that it was aimed at viewers who would enjoy a rowdy sing song, have a "laff", and completely missed the point, and the "Royal" atmosphere of the occasion.

Having attended on a couple of occasions, thankfully I didn't recognise the event. It appeared to be a performance of some unknown hopefuls (the presenters) who were obviously having a good time - aren't they the lucky ones, but I found myself wincing and groaning they the whole programme disintegrated before my eyes.

Please God the Queen didn't watch any of it back afterwards.

Any please take note of your viewers comments and perhaps things will change next year.

Great Gonerby

Jun 24, 2017

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