ITV / inappropriate spotify advert aired during family show bgt 29.04.17

United Kingdom

I was disgusted tonight by ITV airing an advert that was totally inappropriate for family viewing. My two children age 6 and 11 love to watch this family show every week. For ITV to air the advert for Spotify that shows a mum talking about her son being conceived on the dinning room table was disgusting, especially when my 11 year old daughter asked 'what does she mean by her son was made on the table' that he was currently sat at.
A family show means children are watching it, so you should avoid this type of advert being aired on a family show ever again.
The person who made the decision to air this advert should be severely reprimanded or even sacked.
This is the first time I have ever made a complaint about an advert on TV but could not let ITV get away with this decision to show this advert during a family show. I love tongue and cheek TV but for the right time and place without being made to feel uncomfortable in front of my daughters.
I'm also equally annoyed that I've even had to write this complaint tonight but someone should be made accountable for this poor decision to air such an inappropriate advert during a family show.
I expect a response to acknowledge my complaint.
Your sincerely
Mr Steen

Apr 29, 2017

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