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Sent in four phones due to my cancellation with verizon - all galaxy s9 plus - all nearly brand new. The offers were good so I sent the phones in. Just got the "updated adjusted bid" and what a joke. One was never used, has all the original packaging and yet it was downgraded over $100 on the bid for no reason other than they said it wasn't brand new in the box - ummm, what else do you want it to be other than brand new in the box because it was! The second phone was used twice and yet they claimed there were "deep scratches" - there weren't, I took pics of all the phones before I sent them in.. So they dropped the price on this one substantially. The third one they claim was locked, nope - all paid off and unlocked. The last one they said had a small crack which it did but it wasn't on the screen and didn't affect anything - they dropped it to $80... For a s9+. So my initial offer went was cut in half. I told them to send them back and while it took two weeks to get them there in the first place with their shipper I sure hope I get them back sooner. Beware. I tried them as a new customer having used gazelle before but i'll never return and will gladly tell anyone who listens to not sell to them. Gazelle has my business and i'm sorry I ever switched... They never gave me less than my offer ever. Very disappointed. Beware!

Jan 9, 2019

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