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iPowerWeb / Domain expiration & loss of domain

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I had been an iPowerWeb customer since 2001, recommending the company to friends, family and clients prior to my trouble with them a year ago. I originally signed up for a hosting account, to be used for hosting my website. I run a web design business and depend on income and leads generated from my website. Over the years, I had built up a following of visitors who bookmarked me for my portfolio as well as clever use of javascript and AJAX on my agency's website.

Last year, I decided to switch hosting providers to as they offered a cheaper service and much better customer service. I took all the necessary steps to transfer my domains to the new registrar and hosting servers at Evelen2, which went without a hitch except that the confirmation email from iPowerWeb, for me to authorize the transfer, never arrived and they subsequently took my domain down. After some rooting around online, I was able to request that the email be resent. Again, it did not arrive.

My default email on the account was my personal email address - however iPowerWeb, I found out, had been sending them to an address I no longer had access to since I moved to a broadband ISP two years ago. Why they had kept my old email on file after I had changed it in my administration Control Panel, I have no idea. Keep in mind, I received all other correspondence from the company (including sales pitches) at my current email address.

After three time of having the authorization to transfer my domain fail, the domain went down for good. I tried calling the company but had to give up after waiting hold for hours. I hung up simply because I had other business items to attend to and literally could not stay on the line waiting for them to answer.

I tried to Instant message their customer service. Their chat window opened fine and an at-first friendly representative came on. I inquired about my domain, which was down by this point. She told me that the domain had gone into a 'grace period' since the renewal date had come and gone and wasn't renewed on time. She said it would cost me $200 to have the grace period status unlocked, and then I could renew the domain with them only. After asking why a renewal notice was not sent to me, she said it was sent out - but after checking the email address on file it turns out that it was sent to my outdated email address (again, my current email, the one I entered in the account administration form, was receiving sales pitches requesting I upgrade my account, buy more domains etc; iPowerWeb sent them to the correct address). I requested the representative send the renewal notice to my new email, the one they should have as the default contact on my account, and she says she cannot do that since the account is in a grace period lockdown. I explain that it was a mistake on their end not having updated my email address when I had followed the appropriate procedure to have it changed, and again asked her to resend the renewal notice email to me current address. She again denied me, saying that I must first pay them $200 to remove the lockdown, and then the renewal price, before she can update my account and correct the contact email (which should have been done before since I had filled out the necessary forms, and believed to be working since after I filled them out I began receiving sales letters from them).

During the haggling around with iPowerWeb, the grace period lapsed and the company immediately sold it to a third party that once I contacted them directly, requested I pay them $650 to have it transferred back. A Domain that I had owned in the first place, depended on for business and had won design and scripting awards and recognition, due to utter failure and dishonesty on the part of iPowerWeb, has been sold to another party who now uses it for cheap, SEO-driven sales.

I spread the word everywhere I possibly can not to use iPowerWeb under any circumstance.

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  • He
      10th of Nov, 2009
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    This is probably worse service on this planet. After 3 year hosting, they cut off our dedicated server off without warning, because of the card expiration date. Even after we paid the amount in question, they never put our server back online. We called, wrote their support to at least back up our data, never haired back, they put you on hold for hours, after we get through, a lot of promises, but no actions... We finally gave up and had to go with other provider.

    Even this is not all... after not hearing from them for 2 years our card gets hit by company called IHsystem with an amount of $1548 ... and out of the blue they start taking $16 off our card. They claim we have a dedicated server with them, because we never canceled it with the Ipowerweb. We demanded our money back, but no answer.

    We are going to file a dispute now with our credit card company. We hope we do not have to spend energy and money to take legal actions, but we will if we have to.

  • Al
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    iPowerWeb - Fails to disclose information and provides false information in most cases!
    United States

    I had been with and from Oct 2004 to Oct 2006. During the first 10 months I didn't have any contact with them because I didn't have any issues. Then in Aug 2005 an associate of mine from another business wanted to set up a new website and I recommended Ipower to her and another associate. That is when the problems started. From August 2005 until Oct 2006 I had over 100 email messages with Ipower. First they were down repeatedly during the day. Since I am a photographer I needed to make sure my clients could get to my site when they were looking. Once after they had been down for over 6 hours they gave me credit for 2 months. Then they came back and tried to bill me for the additional time.

    Being a photographer I was happy with the amount of space (10 gigs on one account and 15 gigs on another account) I was getting for the dollar. I had read through their "Terms and Conditions" and didn't see anything that would draw attention. So I thought it would be a good deal.

    All of the sudden my world came crashing down just like my websites. I had 600 megs on my website and a message telling me I had "exceeded the soft file quota". I didn't understand since I had 9.4 gigs of available space left on the account. I contacted Ipower tech support and after waiting on hold for 45 minutes, I was told I would have to delete files. It seems Ipower had decided to create a "File limit" of Fifty Thousand (50,000) files. They had decided they could no longer allow people to access all of the space they were selling the individuals. So they created the "soft file limit". Nothing I did would change their minds. I contacted their sales department acting like a new buyer several times and even taped the conversations. Each time their sales department would tell me "There is no file limit" on our servers. Then I would contact the tech support and they would tell me there was a file limit.

    Finally I had to get my site back up so I bought one of the "VPS" accounts for $50.00 a month. I was told with a VPS I would have ten (10) sites and could have One Hundred Fifty Thousand (150,000) files in each of the ten sites. Then in an email from the tech support I was told there was a limit of Two Hundred Thousand (200,000) on the VPS. Later in the same email thread I was told there was "NO FILE LIMIT" on a VPS account. Then I was told there was actually a Two Hundred Thousand (200,000) limit but that it was a limit that could be reset anytime.

    It took Ipower over two weeks to send me a RECEIPT for the VPS account. I requested it on the 8th of August 2006 and on the 15th of August they sent me a bill. I then wrote back and asked where the receipt was. The receipt was finally provided to me on 28 August 2006.

    I finally left Ipower on the 2nd of October 2006. They still owe me a $496.00 refund. Yesterday afternoon my credit card company with whom I had contested the final billing on from Ipower contacted me. The credit card company wanted to know if I had heard anything about the refund Ipower had promised I would receive within 5 days of my account being cancelled. I contacted Ipower while the credit card company was on a 3 way call and Ipower stated they had not processed the paperwork for the refund because someone had over looked the refund. My credit card company told me they would give Ipower until this upcoming Tuesday to refund the money. If it isn't refunded by then, the credit card company will go ahead with the charge back against Ipower.

    Today, 20 Oct 2006 I got a reply from Ipower tech support regarding an issue I last emailed on the 28th of September 2006. Needless to say I was quite rude to the tech support person who contacted me. I told him I had terminated the service with Ipower on the 2nd of October 2006. I stated :This email just confirms I made the correct decision when I decided to dump your lousy company because of your crappy service. I would suggest that in the future you might want to respond in a more timely manner to a customer's request for help. Oh, by the way, your email response indicates a lack of compassion, a lack of understanding, a lack of concern and distain for your customers. I would never hire someone who treats customers in the manner in which you have responded to my request for assistance."

    I wonder if Ipower will get the message?

    Below is a copy of the email thread showing the problems I have been discussing.

    The bottom line is I would never recommend Ipower or Ipowerweb to anyone. The company fails to disclose information and provides false information in most cases.


  • Ba
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    My website has been down for over 72 hours. I can't get a reasonable answer from Ipowerweb why my site is offline. Further, I can't get an answer from Ipowerweb when my website will be up and running. This is totally unacceptable. I'm an artist and reply on my website for business transactions and keeping in touch with my customers. When I'm able, I plan to get rid of Ipowerweb. This has been the worst situation ever. It's especially terrible because Ipowerweb doesn't communicate with their clients. Their customer service get's a D- too!

  • Ha
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    iPowerWeb is not to be trusted! I signed up for a 5yr contract with iPowerWeb. For the most part, every time I had a problem with my service, I had to wait at least 30 mins or more for tech support or customer service. Most of the time, my issues were resolved. “After speaking to at least two technicians!” I figured, “Oh well, you get what you pay for…”

    Two months ago I decided to end my contract with iPowerWeb. After 3 days of going back and forth with their tech support about an issue that they could not replicate, they told me it was my problem, not theirs! And I had to accept my fate. With that said, I knew it was time to go.

    Two months went by, and when I contacted them they informed me that even though my contract was close to ending, it would cost me $50 to say goodbye! Being that it was still before the end of my contract. Go figure, I had to pay for their lack of technical support.

    Little do iPowerWeb know, I have 37 clients that I have signed up for hosting services with them, each with 5yr contracts! And now that I know how iPowerWeb works, for the sake of my reputation, and the well being of my clients, I’ve contacted each of them and gave them a $50 credit towards their maintenance fees to cover for their cancellation fee, and advised them to cancel any contract they have with iPowerWeb, ASAP! Yes, I know it’s costing me $1,850.00, but I don’t want my clients to be another set of victims to iPowerWeb. To me, it’s worth every penny doing.

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