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iPowerWeb / If you want trouble iPower is your friend!

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Ipower (formerly Ipowerweb) has the most incredible customer service I ever dealt with. First of all it takes 30 minutes to wait until you are connected (sales dept average time is several seconds) and then you have most of the time a conversation with completely clueless person. A simple task takes forever (two months were not enough to change permission on ftp directory, I canceled contract before it happened).

Their technical and legal department don't respond or do it in 2-3 weeks and when they do the respondent obviously doesn't read what he(she) is responding to(I can't phantom that they are so dumb). But the best came after they deleted my files under pretense that I violated AUP which states along with a long list of reasonable restrictions the following:

- The Services are intended for normal use only.
- Customer shall not use any bandwidth and/or disk usage for materials other than the Customer’s Web site, Customer Content and/or Customer's electronic mail services.

To my inquire what constitute a "normal use" I get a very clear message - it is what Ipower thinks is normal. My pictures stored as a zip file apparently didn't qualify for "web content". It is clear that Ipower oversells disk space (I used less than 20GB of 300GB I was entitled to) and then eliminates those who use slightly more then they wish.

I hope I am done with them forever.

Even though I had to spend some time to clean the mess, I am glad that it happened because as the result I moved to Hostmonster and I am happy I did. Their technical supports responds either immediately or you have a clear indication how many people are in front of you and it never took me more then 3 minutes. Support is very professional. Cpanel has a lot of nice features and my only desire that they have a better mail interface.

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  • An
      1st of Jan, 2008
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    The challenge with the web development industry is there is no association to "disbar" unethical providers. Many of them operate almost anonymously and from many different "virtual offices".

    As a seasoned technology executive, bucking the industry SOP of avoiding any overhead, I founded a real, bricks and mortar web services company called United WebWorks, Inc. We have hundreds and hundred of satisfied clients and googling us will not result in 5 complaints on page one as it does for these folks. In fact, you will not find one on any page. We are listed in the yellow pages, in our domain reg information, we are trustworthy and accountable for all we do. It would be my pleasure to serve anyone who wants a very affordable, one of a kind gorgeous, website for their small business. We understand your needs and challenges because we are a small business too.

  • Sh
      10th of Jan, 2008
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    It must be nice to have great customer service from Ipower, because that doesn't seem to be what I've gotten. In the last two years I seem to have a lot of problems with them.

    My website has been down and they'd have to switch something and it would take hours before my website was back up again. My ftp has been down numerous times and when it does come back up it times out over and over again, making it near impossible to transfer files. It's getting old and it's getting ridiculous.

    I am more annoyed by the fact that they seemed to have gotten too large. I went with them when they were small and had no problems for years and then all of a sudden all I have are problems.

    Try getting on with Live support right now, you will wait for at least an hour before someone comes on. Try calling their support if you are on their old vdeck 1.0. I just did and it says "all our personnel are busy right now, call back later" click. You call this customer service? Because I don't. I don't expect immediate, but dang I don't expect to be hung up on or have to wait an hour for service. And I would think that my longivity of service with them would mean something, like maybe they should have made the transition of older clients first.

    I'm so hopping mad right now because I can't even log on to my service, I can't log on to vdeck, I can't get into my ftp and I can't get my website loaded (which is now down) and I can't get anyone to even figure out why without a forever wait.

    Honestly, if they have this much traffic for their support team, then they need to take care of the people who host with them and hire more folks to help. This is unbelievable.

    And this is coming from someone who used to recommed Ipower to everyone. I doubt I'd recommend them to anyone after the last year and if it wasn't so much trouble to switch, I probably would.

  • Ma
      23rd of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    I could not agree more about that sorry excuse for a web hosting company ipower. They were a great company 3 years ago, but now you have to wait ungodly amounts of time to talk to someone who is clueless. They experts at loosing your domains names even thought they charge you to renew them. HORRIBLE!!!!!! I've lost 2 very important URL's due to their incompetence. Avoid this company at all cost. Ipower = Itrouble!

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