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1st purchase on ioffer was an iPod 80gb all the garb. What I received was an iPod nano, fraction of the cost so I lodged a paypal dispute. They said "Our investigation into the following transaction is complete. As stated in our User Agreement, the claims process only applies to the delivery of goods. It does not apply to complaints about the attributes or quality of goods received. Therefore, we are unable to reverse this transaction or issue a refund" and there ain't nothing I can do. Makes me more aware of what a sad world we live in.

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  • Us
      Mar 02, 2009 -
    United States

    ioffer takes the American sellers off for selling bootleg products.They do not take off the sellers from other countries.Why is that?Burberry, movies, software, music, fashions, etc.You name it ioffer has mostly fake items.The only thing is American sellers are suspended and the foreign sellers are not.

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  • He
      Mar 28, 2009


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  • Ma
      Aug 08, 2009 - apple iphone scam

    bought an apple iphone on i offer last month which cost $280. i recieved a childs ring worth $1 at most. i paid through paypal . contacted paypal and they say i will not get my money back as i recieved an item. !!!

    because it was not on ebay they do not offer any protection in this case. after a telephone conversation where they told me this sad news they promptly send me an email to say the "case was settled AMICABLY'. I feel completely fobbed off.! i offer referred me to paypal. does anyone know where i stand.i offer took this seller off their site so he is uncontactable.someone help. surely i have some rights??

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  • Ma
      Dec 22, 2009

    i agree- i tied to sell a pair of tiffany earrings on there once-my borther gave them to me as a college graduation gift-I didnt like them so I tok them and the reciept to the store to exchange for something else-I never got a receipt for my return purchase-in any case I wore the new earrings twice-realized i didnt like them and listed them on ioffer-my listing was taken off because of copyright infirngement-which is total ###-they were probally the ONLY pair of authenic tiffany earrings on the site-lol-but still it was taken off(I live in Boston-FYI)-yeah ioffer can be a piece of ###-I dont sell anything on there now-but ve brougt two YSL shirts(fakes of course) but the quality was excellent and the seller was great-This is my advice to buyers-there a lot of BS buyers on ioffers-but if you are going to but-LOOK AT THE FEEDBACK-NEVER buy from a seller with zero feedback-thats just asking for trouble-if the oeson has at least 98% feedback-they may be reliable the seller I brought from was great(had over300+ feedback)-so just be smart about it-most thngs on ioffer are FAKE-obviousy look at the cheap prices-of course they are replicas-and I dont mind buying a replica or two-and I also dont mind paying good money for that replica-but please send me something decent and if the replica is expensive send me something top notch to the real thing-like I said check the feedback-and the pics.(lots of sellers use the same pics from someone else)-but try to figure out if they are original pics. or copies of someone else's pics.-like I said be SMART about it!!!Thanks, and God Bless!!

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  • Sa
      Feb 25, 2010 - scammed by the seller and website.
    United States

    I purchased a bag, thinking this was a legitimate website. I asked if the bag was authentic, the seelr replied it was.
    I received a fake, counterfeit chanel wallet instead. Filed a dispute with, they never followed up or helped.
    Filed a dispute with Paypal, they declined the refund for some stupid reason.
    So disappointing and so disgusted by these scammer, and about how they get away with this so easily.
    i see there are so many others complaining, I don't know what paypal and other customer organizations are doing, they should shut down the damn site all at once.

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  • Ce
      May 20, 2010 - bad business for sellers
    Cedar Hill Collectibles
    United States

    I listed my inventory on, and they suspended my listings because their customers did not leave Feedback, for me as a seller. Ioffer feels that it was my job, to buy the stuff, list the stuff, sell the stuff, pack it, ship it (mostly at my expense - because they do not allow enough for the current shipping costs) and then do their job also. Absolutely crazy. I wouldn't waste my time on their site, ever again. Really poooooor service from them.

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  • La
      Jul 13, 2010

    we need to sue this site because everyone on here is fraud we got ripped off to of a $180

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  • Lu
      Jan 04, 2011

    I was going to buy something on ioffer, but then i made some research to make sure it wasn't a scam . Turns out it is the bigest scam ever!i am glad i didnt buy anything, thanx all comments i have read today.

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  • Kl
      Jul 26, 2011 - i've purchased exactly three items from ioffer and all three times I was ripped off
    United States

    I've purchased exactly three items from iOffer and all three times I was ripped off, First time was a pair of nikes I got a very bad replica not even close. Second and Third (at the same time) were two Seiko watches, what I got were two digital lil kids watches that probably cost $0.50. The worst part is when you complain to the website they just say thanks for letting us know. WTF??? how can you just say that and not do anything about it? I feel like the creator of iOffer does not take any responsibility what so ever, not even a little.

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  • Wh
      Apr 05, 2012

    April 5, 2017

    I had ordered two items and am being marked down as unpaying buyer. I asked if Western Union would be acceptable for same day receipt of the money since the seller did not accept Visa and did not receive a response. I did send in the U.S. Postal Money order on April 3, 2017 but am experiencing problems since I have no way of communicating with the seller. a) Batmasterson b) Have Gun will Travel
    I had ordered DVDS which were paid by Visa and are all already being shipped to me.

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  • Wh
      Apr 05, 2012

    I had tried to send this message a couple of days ago and did not have any success.
    Since the seller is asking for a cheque or U.S. Money Order I sent it off but it will take five (5) days to get there even by registered mail though I only sent it by Air Mail since both would arrive in about five days.
    I would strongly suggest buyers using Western Union. I send money that way to Poland and the party can pick it up 20 minutes after I had sent it. I need their phone number to give them the Claim Number and they go to their nearest Western Union office instead of waiting a week or so to receive it by mail. I apologize about this delay but when I was attempting to contact you I had received a Winner Notification of a Walmart Card for $1, 000.00 and they kept interferring with my contacting you that my computer had frozen twice that evening.

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  • Na
      May 28, 2012 - fake

    I ordered online dress from alegendseller from website - email address - [protected] for wedding party and paid 300 USD on 10th April and received 25 May totally different and low quality dress which i can never wear anywhere. i am so sorry for my money and time to spend on purchasing it
    do not buy anything from alegendseller from

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  • Ta
      Jan 21, 2013 - never ever buy from these scammers
    United States

    Never Ever Buy From These Scammers

    To make a long story short and after 45 days...
    I purchase a Lego Star Wars 76$, after 45 days i received an Envelope"20 gr." with a Plastic Ring " i think it costs 5 cent max.". I open a case with Paypal against the seller, hope i will get my money back.
    The website does not protect you, not even care about you as a buyer.

    People, Don’t buy any thing from them.
    Look what they sent me instead of Lego Star Wars!!!

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