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iOffer / never recieved item but they kept the money

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well, I've been wanting to buy my 10 year old daughter a wii for christmas ever since they came out and ### you over bay didn't have any at a reasonable price and I just didn't have $250 at the time to get one at my local wal-mart, I was trying to buy her other christmas presents that she wanted early so that I could hide them at a friends house until 3 days before christmas eve, anyway, so I looked all over the internet and found nothing menetioning a cheaply priced wii, everybody on craigslist was trying to get more money out of their used wiis than what they are worth so I said screw them and finally found a link to ioffer on yahoo answers, so I looked after a month or two to see if they were legit and I had bought and recieved one item successfully and I figured they would be ok, I bought a wii for $200 plus $15 shipping from some dick in China, screw them, I was asking him a few questions about it, I asked him was the wii the american version before I paid for it, he didn't say anything, I figured he didn't read my message yet so I asked him again and he finally said in a stupid idiotic way "yes, it american" and heres when the big ### YOU comes along, I believed him and paid for it, a day later he said "it chinese not american" so I tolded him continuously that I wanted a refund, no answer, I pmed him and left him profile comments on ioffer, I even got ahold of his hotmail email address thanks to paypal and email him there, again, no response, on my dumb part I marked off the part on paypal that you need to keep up that shows where you've sent a payment to someone if you've been scammed, so paypal ###ed me and ripped me 2 new ###s while they were at it because after 30 days of wondering if I would ever live to see my money again they emailed me and told me no in a smart-### way, I was always told that paypal was on the buyers side and the sellers, that sick ### in china? he deleted his hotmail, paypal and ioffer accounts, son of a ###, if you're reading this I hope you and your family dies, you know who you are, thanks to you I may not be able to get my daughter a wii she cried about not getting on her birthday this year, you ugly ### head, I sold 2 tickets to a expensive event on ebay to get that money, karma always comes back around dick, I'm going to see what I can do to file charges and have him arrested in china


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  17th of Nov, 2007
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Everyone please excuse me for my rude language in this complaint, this just upsets me too much whenever I think about because my daughter still has her heart set on this, and I didn't mean it when I said his family deserves to be dead but whoever took my money like that and totally ignores me does deserve to pass, that was unfair and uncalled for, if I can get their real name I will be filing charges and fight him to the fullest extent of the law, wish me luck everyone, I will take this to their court in china if I have to just for the sake of justice!
  6th of Nov, 2008
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yea i would've too. ioffer got too many scammers.But as a seller on ioffer, it's cheaper for me to sell my stuff on there, ebay is big rip off for the seller. sorry for your lost.
  6th of Nov, 2008
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In china, this website are very famous, is there have some problems for you order.

Hope everything is ok, friend.
  8th of Feb, 2009
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i sooo agree with u and sorry for what those losers did to u
  3rd of Jul, 2009
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i love scamming. i do it on ioffer. i cant on ebay THERE SECERITY IS TOO TIGHT!
  31st of Aug, 2009
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How you do it?
  6th of Nov, 2009
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i have been scam by ioffer serveal times. so i now turn to ioffermore for online shopping

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