Inventeldashcam pro

I drive truck, and don't need a high priced dashcam, just something that can differentiate between a car ahead of me and the road. The cam was on sale at WalMart, and understanding that it was only $35 and my low requirements, I bought it.

The quality of the camera is something that you'd find in the un-wanted toy bin at a buck-shop. It looks decent, but feels like garbage. The manual is all but useless and the interface is terrible, especially because the buttons only decide to work about half the time.

I had the same memory card issues that everyone else seems to have, if they actually get the unit, and that is that it randomly decides whether it'll recognise the micro SD card or not, even when the cam's own format utility is used. It'll just randomly decide, during use, that it can't find the sd card anymore and this is if you're lucky enough to get it to find the SD card when it starts. None of the computers in my house would recognise the unit as a removable disc either. When it actually did manage to record a picture or video, I couldn't delete them - it said they didn't exist, even though it would show me a list of them. The problem likely stems from the fact that the camera is such a piece of junk, as well as the low grade quality of the micro SD adapter.

The mount is low grade and couldn't be tightened so the camera would stay pointing where you aimed it.

The battery went from full charge to zero in 11 minutes. I timed it, twice. ?

The video quality, while not needing to be great, was terrible and extremely grainy - regardless of what video settings were used. The low light feature (the useless little LEDs on either side of the lens) are seemingly there for cosmetics because they do nothing at night or in low light conditions. Didn't change the light levels or quality of the video and there are no settings to turn it on.

Their tech support is unsurprisingly terrible too. Their phone number doesn't work because they can't get their own phones to work, so you have to call another number. After (seemingly) the sole employee in tech support is finished in the bathroom and finally decides to answer the phone, he has no answers to any of the problems. His solution is for ME TO PAY to send them back their piece of junk, and then they will send me a new one. ?? Based on others' reviews, their RMA/shipping service didn't seem like it worked any better than their camera, so I realized the smartest thing to do was take the piece of junk back to walmart.

Jun 24, 2016

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