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Intuit small business Web sites is the worst company ever there support techs are total ###s know nothing about websites. I wonder where they get there help from. Not to mention very rude they have a major glitch in there system I discovered they try to say the mistake was from my end and treated me like I was stupid Joe consumer.Little to there surprise I'm a web designer myself trying to help a friend out with a quick project. Also they charged for the free trial and kept taking money out after we had canceled. Sad part about it was that the person they were stealing from was disabled. So boycott this piece of trash company.

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  • Se
      Sep 24, 2010

    Hi Jay. It is weird that you had that kind of experience. I have been a user of the Homestead/Intuit website product for just over a year now. When I started I knew nothing about websites at all and thought it was going to be easier than it was.
    Because of this I had to call in for support about a dozen times in the first few months and other than a few wait times that exceeded 5+ minutes I always found the support to be unlike anything I had experienced from a large company before.
    Let's start with the fact they were based in the US (Ca. I think) and there were no language barriers. One call went about 45 minutes and the rep I spoke with never once made me feel stupid or pressured to end the call.
    I'm not doubting you had this experience but from my perspective this was truly an exception and not the rule regarding this company and the support they provide.

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  • Jo
      May 21, 2011

    Seth B it is strange I had the same problem with canceling intuit web site services and i live in the US and like you i am also a web site devloper helping a freind. I have another good freind he is a Private Investigator for Alan Wilson who is our Attorney General here in South Carolina my freind the P.I. IS VERY GOOD AT DOCUMENTING INTERNET FRAUD. He has compiled a list of hundreds of these complaints and has documented thet intuit is mostly a scam yes they do provide a few with a real web site that my 13 year old grand daughter can build for free in less than a hour . All they seem to do is make promises and a thirty day free trial then make it impossable to cancel all the while they keep charging your card every month fees that are three times what they said even if you kept there service and i do find it ironic that you have only one post and no profile you sure you dont work for intuit.

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  • Th
      Jun 01, 2011

    I agree with Seth - nothing but great experiences with the company. Of course, this is coming from someone who was absolutely clueless re websites before getting started. I could see how the experience might be different if my knowledge was a bit more advanced. However, I can 100% positively say that I did not experience rudeness with any of my call or exchanges, and there have been many.

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  • St
      Jul 26, 2011

    We can not obtain help from Intuit to complete our website structure for shipping and freight options. We were promised by the Intuit sales person during the sales process that the Intuit site would handle our needs.
    We purchased a site design with Intuit sales rep Justin Weeder June 2010. We were clear what we were selling & what was being sold. We showed him a similar site to make sure Intuit could make our site function the same way, including freight. We were assured it was no problem & that Intuit could complete our site.
    January 2011 after getting a lot of the products & info loaded onto the Intuit site with great frustration (their c/s employee’s lack of knowledge on their storefronts functionality) we had a conference call with Justin regarding issues with their c/s support and freight options. During the call Justin said “if we had any issues with c/s to contact him”. He said if we produced a freight option code, they would have no problem incorporating the code into the site. After much more trial, error & calls to support we are finally ready to make the site "live". We found freight coding options and emailed & called Justin on May 11 & May 17 - no response. June 3, 2011, we reached Sierra. She told us Justin moved to another department but she works with him - to send her the info, which we did. After 2 emails she responsed to try to code it ourselves but it may crash our site. We asked her for clarification/suggestions, she did not respond. We called c/s several more times. June 11 a rep. said that he wondered if Intuit fit our needs. We asked him to remove freight options with a call, email and chat option. He said we needed to talk to Justin-called & email him July 11 & 12. NO RESPONSE.

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  • Be
      May 09, 2012

    I get all of my website clients from doing EVERYTHING the opposite way of them. If you feel like checking out what I've done for my ex-intuit clients see

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  • St
      May 27, 2013

    My friend build my business website and she wanted to use Intuit. I really don't like it, had a hard time putting Google verif code on the site, I still don't see it listed, if you call for help, they really don't won't to give out much infor or help, they charge for everything, I can't get found (local area). I really would like to try Wordpress and see if that would help the site!

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  • Ms
      Jan 15, 2014

    My site originally purchased with intuit is currently offline after upgrading to 1GB of memory. I didn't have too many issues really with intuit until homestead became involved. I have yet to be able to reach homestead at all. 3 days of chats that disappear, and phone calls on hold for 20 minutes with no answer EVER! I have contacted my bank to investigate this further, as I am being charged for a website that is not even online currently? Please let me know if you here anything on these companies that I may need to know! For now I am in the process of canceling this service, and looking into a totally new website. ~Matt Sadecky~ [protected]

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  • Lo
      Jun 15, 2016

    I strongly recommend that you stop using TurboTax. There appears to be some sort of scam or security issue the involves a company called SBTPG. It appears that Intuit tells the IRS to send the money to them and not to you. It also appears that they then keep the money. I just did some research and will be switching to HR Block.

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