Interval International / Unethical business practice

Garden Grove California, United States

I booked a last minute get away with Interval International. I paid for my airfare and everything online prior to leaving and I believed I was all ready to go. When I got to the hotel in Mexico after staying a night, they presented me with another bill next morning, a MANDATORY All inclusive bill for $3, 500. I thought they were kidding. I called the company in Florida and asked to speak with a representative. The first lady on the phone was empathetic and totally understood that this situation was an unfortunate one. She transferred me to a gal who handles these cases. The lady simply said she couldn't do anything for me. It was in the fine print. She said if I had called and made the purchase with them over the phone they would tell me of these mandatory fees but since I booked online on my own, it was my fault. Look, I work in education and my hands are tied. I book online because its convenient for me. So to be told this, it is ridiculous.
Going back to the billing situation. First and foremost, I am in Mexico, and I have no idea if I really had a choice?! And thought what would happen to me if I didn't pay. I was scared and very anxious. I asked them why didn't they bill this to me before I had arrived. Anyone in the right mind would see, that is NOT a deal and not book that. Had I known there would be this fee. I would not of booked this. I would have booked something with Airbnb or Vrbo instead. I don't know, I figured I would email and ask if this is ethical? Its like this was setting a consumer up for failure. I have the money and I will pay for this. I just wasn't sure if this was best practice on their end. Any information you can provide would be great. Thank you so much for your time. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Jan 18, 2015

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