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Interval International / / exchange - refund

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I recently processed an exchange through interval internationals website. I made payment, but received notice in the mail that the exchange was cancelled. After calling Interval to find out why the exchange had been cancelled, we learned that it was not confirmed through our home site.

My mother and myself called the home site to determine why it was not confirmed and were told we did not have an exchange no. Now this seems incorrect considering in order to book online with Interval, we had to use the exchange number provided to us on Intervals Web page. Once I explained this to the customer service rep, she put me on hold to review the account and exchange no. and was able to align her findings with my concern. She was kind enough to contact her supervisor and issue my mother and I a new exchange number. However; once the refund processed from the original cancellation and we contacted Interval to re-book, we learned that we lost our original requested week, due to no units being available to accommodate our family size. Because of this and our schedules, we then had to request a week that is three weeks ahead of our original travel dates. We decided to go ahead and book the week.

Due to an unexpected illness a July 28 travel date seemed to be less like. Therefore on July 23rd I called to see if I could pay to add E-Plus to my account and move the dates. The young lady on the phone was very accommodating, however was not able to assist me due to the 24 hour window being expired. Once I explained to her why we ended up with these dates to begin with, she then escalated my ticket with hopes of assisting me. This was mistake no. 1. Roman came to the line and the call was going smoothly until I asked for information to file a formal complaint. Roman directed me to the customer support page. The issue with this is Roman works in Customer Service. Essentially, he was redirecting me back to himself or his group. I asked Roman for a formal address where I could mail a formal complaint. Roman then sent me to the E-mail Us link on the customer support page. I then re-explained that I was in search for an address where I could mail a formal complaint. Most companies have a complaint department that handles these request. He said "oh" and then stated "[email protected]…". I said no, that just takes me back to your group whom we've already determined could not assist me further than cancelling my exchange, extending my week and me now have to pay Interval a THIRD time to book the same vacation. Roman then gives me the following number to call. 1.800.722.1797. Now, we are getting somewhere I thought. Roman just didn't understand my request the first three times I asked Roman, I thought. Mistake No. 2. I called the number which is the number for Interval Internationals Executive office. This is a problem because unless you have an extension to enter, you are told to hold and then you receive a busy signal. I called Interval back again and asked the representative who answered the call to send me to the complaints department. MISTAKE NO. 3. While the rep was very understanding and polite, when the transfer picked up, it was ROMAN. I explained that the number he provided did not work for me and I needed a new number. He told me the number had been working all day for everyone else they gave it to. Maybe he gave them the extension or maybe the office was closed, I don't know. He stated he would send a ticket to Technical Support to determine the issue. I asked him was he going to transfer me to them. He said no, he would submit a ticket after the fact. I asked; how would I know once the ticket was completed, would someone call me, would I get an email, or anything. He said no, I asked to speak a supervisor. MISTAKE NO. 4. Roman asked me to wait on hold so that he could put a supervisor on the line. I wait and nothing. He comes back to the phone only to tell me there is no supervisor available but he plays the role of a supervisor and could assist me. I tell Roman, that I am happy to wait and he tells me at this time there is no supervisor I can speak with. I explain to Roman that this is ridiculous and that filing a complaint should not be this difficult or cause one to have to go through this many circles. I explained to Roman the measures I would take if he did not let me file the formal complaint. Roman said Ok.

Jul 23, 2018

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