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​Booking Reference #: PT965807360
Flight # L4 7 30th May 2018
Confirmation #: [protected]
31st June at 1:30am
Dear Sir or Madam,

It is with great disappointment and a spoilt beginning to our holiday that I am drawing your attention to the appalling way in which myself and my partner where dealt with at 1:30 am on arrival in Portugal.

The flight was delayed, and may I say that this is not the first time we have been subject to this inconvenience, only to find that the car hire companies employees unhelpful in trying to resolve an issue that we had not foreseen.

The credit card, to cover the excess, we produced was not in the name of the lead driver, myself, Adalberto Leitao (it was my partners Karen Ireland) it was pointed out that it should have been in my name but I had failed to notice this, a) because last time we travelled we didn't have this problem, and b) I had used her card on line to pay for the service, however it was how this problem was mishandled that I want to draw your attention to:
#1 - We tried to add Karen's name so she could be lead driver, but they said it wouldn't make any difference, they would charge €60 but could only add her as a driver not as lead therefore I would still need the credit card in my name.
#2 - Next we tried to change the booking and have Karen as Lead Driver but were told it was not within the free permitted perimeters of the 24 hours before hand and would cost an extra €400 (+ or -) to do so.
#3 - We the suggested cancelling this booking and having a new one but they said it would cost an over inflated price of over €600
Obviously we were not going to pay this extortionate price and took a taxi away from the unhelpful people.
The next day we went to Guerin and had exemplary service at a fraction of the cost.

But as you can imagine, it was a very traumatic and an uncomfortable start to our 15 days and I can assure you all the people I related my story to were as appalled and shocked at the way the situation was handled as we were.

On your website (screenshot attached) you say that the payment has to be a card under the main driver's name! The reality is that they accepted Karen's credit card when we booked on the 6th May. There seems to be a contradiction!

I, therefore, request a full refund for the payments made to Interrent for the amount of £35.13, plus the cost of taxi x 2 from the airport and back for the amount of €42.00 and the extra insurance I paid for the amount of £21.00

Total owing £92.98 (the euros were converted into pounds using the official exchange rate)

Looking forward to hearing from you

Adalberto Nuno Leitao
Karen Diane Ireland

InterRent / Group Europcar
InterRent / Group Europcar

Jun 17, 2018

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