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Dear Misses or Mister.

We claim a refund for our car booking IT918153360. (5 - 12 april) When we arrived at Bergamo in the evening 5 april we got the information that we were not allowed to take this car (Interrent) to France, an information that was not easy visible when we booked the car by internet. We did not know at all that this could be a condition as we never had this problem before. 

We had to go to the hotel in Bergamo by bus and hire another car (by Hertz) for the next day.

We have been in contact with Ryanair and interrent but they tell us that it is your responsibility.

We claim a refund for the cancellation and recommend that the information on different travel conditions for different car hyre  agencies should be shown on top on the webpage when booking so you also can avoid disappointed and angry consumers getting a lot of trouble at arrival. 

With kind regards.

Sigrid and Christian Lundberg

Apr 18, 2018
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