International Magazine Company / Credit Card Fraud

3665 East Bay Drive Suite 204 Box 253 Largo, FL 33771, Vista, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (866)394-9149

Late November 2009, I received a phone call regarding a too good to be true Million Dollar Sweepstakes. The representative tells me that it's completely free with no strings attached! Sounding like a good deal, i simply say "Alright, cool, thanks sir!" Afterwards, he offers a subscription for several magazines at a really good price. I agree to it. He than asks me for my credit card number, and i proceed to make a fuss about giving out that info. Suddenly his supervisor gets on the phone to reassure me that it's okay because they work with Visa and have my number already, they just need me to confirm it. After a couple of seconds I give him all my information. For the past couple of months, my bank account has been getting drained, I keep getting phone calls from the company's "partners", and whenever I try to call them, they are mysteriously nowhere to be found! Today they called me, so I finally got to talk to them about cancelling my subscription. Apparently, you can't cancel your own account because they already pre-paid all the magazines. I even told him that I am deploying in 3 weeks and I even had a mailable form to prove it...that didn't work. Curiously, i could hear people in the background on their phone arguing with other dissatisfied customers such as myself. I know this was a bit of a rant, but make sure you don't fall for this scam, but if you do...please call your bank to get a credit card fraud form started, and send any items you receive from them back!!

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