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International Magazine Company / I can't cancel my account

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In June a random number called me from an 866 area code so I answered it. After a man talked to me about being an associate of Visa/Mastercard/Discover card he said that I was entered in a drawing and asked if I was interested in getting some magazines for free. So I was like sure I'll hear what you have to say. So he said his supervisor would call me with more details. Sure enough he called me explaining the deal saying I would actually have to pay for the magazines: $4.16 a week, $53.16 a year. So i said...sure I'll pay for the 18 months that we agreed to and he gave me a "college student discount" so I didnt have to pay the full amount. So not thinking or talking it over with family I gave them my card number and information. But I figured if they knew where i lived and most of my card number already and WERE affiliates of Visa then I shouldn't worry. So...After I noticed a charge for $53.16 on my account within hours I cancelled my card and sent in a complaint to my credit card company to reverse the charges since that wasn't what I agreed to. Now just today IMC calls me and says that I owe them money or else they will send the collection agency and I have to pay $956.88!!! I explained to the man I no longer want the magazines, they charged me for more than I agreed to, and I want the charges taken off my card. He said that's now allowed even though one of his "managers" told me I could cancel at any time. So a warning to all DON'T GIVE IN. You can't cancel, they take your money, and send you nothing. What a headache.

Send me a message if you've gotten anything for the "collecion agency"

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  • Ja
      4th of Dec, 2009
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    Same thing to the letter. I accepted the terms of the offer, then realized I didn't really have the money. I recieved their paperwork in the mail today and tried to call to cancel. They talked me down to a shorter service by lying and saying the account was not subject to cancellation. Then I got on google and looked up the ftc and international magazine.
    I called them back. I was firm. I didn't take no for an answer. I pointed out all the lies each person had told me, from the initial call back from the supervisor to the customer service reps today.
    Lie number 1: The supervisor said, " We hope you don't cancel". This implies that you can cancel." Where I was told repeatedly that I could not when speaking with them today.

    Number 2: When I called back after dropping my agreement to 1 year service I was told by a manager that I could not cancel now because I had changed to a 1 year agreement whereas I could have when I was on a 4 year agreement. The lady who changed me from one agreement to the other said I could not cancel even under the 4 year plan.

    There were many other small lies I kept trapping them in but they kept reading their scripts and I kept catching them.
    I also mentioned that their sales tactics were unlawful according to the FTC. This made more than one of the 4 people I talked to today pause. They start their spiel with offers of free stuff then eventually get around to the pitch. According to my research online, they must pitch you before offering gifts. I found this on

    Anyway, I let them keep the initial 40 dollars they took as a cancellation fee(I'm such a nice guy), but they cancelled my account. I was on the phone an hour arguing with one guy, then 15 minutes with a woman, on hold for 15 minutes when a manager came on and said, we've decided to cancel you! LOL!

    I feel absolutely stupid for ever talking with a telemarketer, now I'll go change my debit card.

  • Ta
      12th of Feb, 2010
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    I fell for it to I had the same situation as most of you. I emailed the USPS and they told me to take the magazines to the local post office. They can put a stamp on there rejected. Then they can spend the money to have them all sent back. Lets all do that, that will cost them and they should get the hint. LOL!!

  • De
      13th of Oct, 2010
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    The exact same thing happend to me. I went through the same situation and called back to cancel. After dealing with an incredibly rude person (it sounded like the same person every time they called), I let them keep the intial payment and called my credit card company to stop any future payments. I thought this was all over but nearly a year after this all happened, I got a letter from a collection agency (it still sounded like the same guy) stating they will take me to court in Great Falls, Montana, over this if I do not pay $877.03. I never received one thing from this company. This is a ridiculous scam.

  • Ug
      13th of Oct, 2010
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    I just got a call this morning claiming that my account was in collections now and negatively affecting my credit.same thing happened to me, i couldnt cancel my account though i had tried. I kept getting wrong numbers or messages saying that my call could not be accepted!!!

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