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Cape town, South Africa
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I am a registered student with Intec collage and have logged several complaints to no avail.
To start at the beginning: In April 2016 I submitted assignment [protected]-A (Project management). I only received my results in January 2017 that indicated that I failed the assignment. In a panic as one needs to pass the assignment to qualify for exams, I contacted a lady by the name of Candice Petersen from head office, she told me if I resubmit my assignment to her within 2 weeks she can have it marked before exam registration ends.
I duely did so and submitted the assignment on time. I then went ahead and registered for the exams in June. I was approved for all my exams so I figured all was well as I had not received any results.
During the examinations my Statistics exam was not delivered on time and I had to wait over an hour to receive my exam via fax.
In September I received my results. Firstly I had failed my statistics by 1% so I requested a remark, the sent me the application form which I completed and sent proof of payment, this was in September 2017 and I still have not received any results. Secondly I had failed Project Management due to the assignment. When enqueuing about my re-submission of assignment [protected]-A they informed me that there is no record of the submission. I then forwarded the assignment along with the email train between myself and Candice Petersen regarding this. 1 week later I received an email informing me that my course has expired and if I wish to extend it for payment. I immediately replied that I will not be paying a cent as I had done everything and the fault was with them. I was then emailed to say that the complaint has been logged. Till this day I still have not received any communication regarding any of these queries, when I send an email I receive an answer that my query has been escalated.
Unfortunately I work in Somalia and am unable to call toll free numbers so all my conversations are via email which I have proof of on request.

I have paid all my dues and there is no reason that no one can help me

Nov 17, 2017

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