INTEC College / study material and student portal

Durban, South Africa

I resgisterd the 29/11/2018 with Intec College for my Matric.

I have since had no response what so ever on who will be my student adviser or when my study material will be send to me..

I phoned them on the 2/01/2019 to find out when my stuff will be send to me as I am suppose to write exams in June and I have not gotten any material, my stuff has not even been released on my portal, they advised I must phone back on the 7/01/2019 as the lady dealing with the study material isnt in and will only be at the office on Monday.

I phoned them today 8/01/2018, where I just been put on hold the whole time and where they give me different numbers to phone the whole time.

I am also trying to find out where the center is that I have to go write my exams at and they just keep saying they cant help me and I should search for the place..

I really dont know and also not happy with their service!!!

Jan 08, 2019

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