INTEC College / scammers and bad services!!!

cape town, South Africa

I registered with intec college on the 30 of june and I was dealing with a woman called Leticia swarts!!! she sent me every documents and told me how much to pay which I did and I never got any student number or anything.. I kept on calling her and licking her butt just so that I can find out whats going on to my surprise when I called one day she was not in and I was told that my registration was on hold due to "sufficient" registration?? I asked how come cause Leticia sent me everything and ive paid accordingly and apparently that was incorrect and I had to pay more??? I told them I will not so would rather cancel everything and let them refund me back, to date? I still don't know whats going on, when you call your bloody transferred from one person to the other and no bloody person can tell you whats going on, the women working there are so bloody rude thinking they are all high and mighty and my god they get paid their salaries from our registration fees and school fees!! I want my registration money back, they are so quick to call you when you fill an online form like dogs running after a bone, incompetent fools

Oct 11, 2017

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