INTEC College / poor service-no help

gauteng, South Africa

Ok I registered with antic college in jan 2018 for ecd. The consultant was very helpful at that time. So now I decided to change my course and I didnt do any work or even submit anything. So filled a form online that says enquire about a subject so filled the form and than after 30 minutes a consultant calls : so I tell her my story that im already with antic I just want to change my course so she asked who was my student consultant I told her cheryl. She than said hold the line will transfer you and than she hungup on
Basically the second consultant did the same thing. Tried calling the head office lines are always busy and tried student support still lines were busy since last week im doing this. Now im sick and tired so want to be taken out of antic college and want my refund. I need to go to another institute. I didnt want to leave I only wanted help to change the course since noone is willing to help I want to leave. Antic is tooo frustrating.

  • Updated by sithokozile, Feb 20, 2018

    intec college dont ever reply. suport numbers are always busy.
    so nobody should tell me about a termination fee. because i was only with them for 1 month sick and tired with intec college . and dont phone me about payment agh annoyed.i have been calling for about 3 weeks now still didnt go through. emailing intec in all their different emails still nobody reply. thats not an institute . consultants rush you to sign in and when u have a problem they dont want to help. im not the only one i have seen too much so you trying to tell me that you cant see that students have issues.

Feb 19, 2018

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