INTEC College / no response

South Africa

Intec College has no student support whatsoever. I've registered for June exams 2017 for only 2 subjects and paid for only 2 subjects as per my registration forms and proof of payment send through to them. When I received my exam dates I saw that they registered me for a 3rd subject which I never registered for the exams or paid for that specific subject they've registered me extra for. I immediately contacted them and told them they made an error on my form and that they must correct it. I've written the 2 exam subjects in June and they called me to ask my I did not write the 3rd subject, which I explained was an error on their side. I've send several emails with my documents to proof the error, and also made several calls which they promised they will sort out. I've received my statement showing that they've over-invoiced me for a 3rd subject, once again someone else called me, asking me to send proof through and that she will sort it out for me, once again NO HELP. Since then, I've contacted them every single week with emails and phone calls, no reply. I requested my exam results that I should have received on the 1st of September, just to receive an email stating that they are holding my results back due to payment outstanding for 3rd subject not paid. I've phoned this morning explaining that's an error on their side, NO HELP. Don't know what to do regarding this matter for this has been going on for months now already and now I must suffer on their behalf. How can one resolve this? I've contacted the accounts department, the student support, the head office, no response!!!

Sep 04, 2017

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