INTEC College / matric/ grade 12

Johannesburg, South Africa
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I have assisted someone who wanted to complete their matric by registering them with Intec and being in charge of the student fees. I then later on found out that with Intec's matric is basically like a tutor to help you with matric not a institution where you can complete it as only after registering a few months later was I informed we need to go to the department of education to find a institution or school where we can register the student with.
On the 10th of Aug 2017, I have called in and asked them to cancel the course and submitted all documents required. They then said they would get back within about 6 weeks... it is now the 28 of November 2017 and I found out that on my ITC profile I am on areas with Intec and am still awaiting confirmation that the students course has been cancelled. I called in numerous times and they would say yes they re-assessing the cancellation document and they waiting for the principle and I think for the last 3 weeks I called in every Friday and was just told another excuse. I was advised that everything was done it just has to be put down on paper and emailed to me last week Friday and I still haven't received feed back.

The worst institution ever! wouldn't advise anyone to register with Intec, as they slow and don't follow their own processes.

Nov 28, 2017

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