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Fleetway House, 29 Martin Hammerschlag Way, Foreshore, Cape Town, 8001, Cape Town, South Africa Review updated:

Good day, I registered with Intec college in October, paid my deposit and then in November I decided to cancel my registration due to waiting too long for study material and also change of heart towards distance learning, after submitting all the paperwork I waited for feedback, whilst waiting I finally received the study material, in December I contacted the person that delt with me many times, the only information I was provided with was my forms are under investigation, every single time, I tried phoning today as well, but switchboard kept on hanging up, then eventually they offered me a direct line which was also useless because it put me through to someone else, I received a message saying my debit order will be going off tomorrow and I can't deal with this anymore seriously it's pathetic, I don't have the money for this college and it's defenitely not of a good standard, I need the cancellation done.. I need my money please
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Jan 24, 2019
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      Mar 02, 2019

    Good day after more than 8 months cancellations and plenty phone calls they still deduct money from my account.
    Many phone calls complaint they do nothing but steal money from you.
    I didnt evem use my courseware at all I cancelled before it even arrived my friends told me not to use them because they good in taking money but never delivet which is completely true.
    After so many months and deposit they still stealing my money from my account and use diffrent debeit order number.
    Please encourage all your friends and family not to use intec collage at all. They are just taking your money even thou your under age and have no job.
    They will tell you its oky they can help you and then yes help you by taking money from your account after ypu cancelled.
    Very bad collage and not helpfull staff members.

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