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In 2007 I went to enquire more info at intec about project management certificate my course expired on february they send forms for exam in april of which they didn't tell about, they only told me about assignments I send them all when I try to contact them they don't respond, and I paid them in full.

Help me to achieve my certificate.

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  • Me
      Apr 04, 2011

    I am experiencing a similar situation. except worse!!! my books were sent almost three month after the course expired. now they expect me to pay 1600.00 for an extension.
    can you believe it? it's their error. this shouldnt be allowed to happen to people. and i will not go unnoticed. i will kick up a major fuss over it!
    good luck obtaining your certificate unhappy.

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  • Xo
      May 30, 2011

    I enrolled with Intec college February 2009 for a diploma in Journalism, did not receive study material session 2, the leaner guide stated that I need to receive session 2 to start with my assignments .i was not able to write assignments called the school several times, they will investigate the matter and call me back . 5 months past they still investigating 488.90 was deducted from my account on a monthly basis . I decided to cancel the debit order, tried calling again to make them aware that I have cancelled the debit order, the call center is always busy you have to wait for an hour to get through when you have eventually made it through you being transferred to one consultant to another . I wanted a quick response so I went to complain to hallo peter .com I was promised to be contacted back, still no response . Then I decided to cancel the contract called the school spoke to Lynnette boysen explained everything she gave me a fax number to fax through the cancellation letter I confirm if she received it she said yes she will escalate to cancellation department. I called several time to confirm if the cancellation was approved only to find out that the cancelation department don’t take calls the cant see anything on their system . On the 11 of February I received a call from Carol to inform me that my account has been handed to legal because I’m owing the school 4000 . That was the shock of my life!!! the school owes me not the other way around .the school doesn’t even respond to consumer Affairs .I wasted almost 2 years trying to sort the problem but all I wanted was to get my diploma . just want to tell the whole world that this institution is a money making scheme .

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  • Al
      Nov 16, 2013

    its now 2013 and the INTEC DAMELIN ICG College group is STILL doing the same thing to its students!! and to top it off, they are ONLY PROVISIONALLY ACREDITED so that means most of their course ARE NOT RECOGNIZED!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS GROUP!!! THEY WERE ON NATIONAL TV IN 2011 AND PROMISED TO MEND THEIR INCOMPETENT WAYS-2 YEARS LATER-THEY STILL DO THIS TO THEIR STUDENTS-They have your money so thy dont care a damn!!!

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