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company sells same lead multiple times ( does NOT disclose this fact at outset ) company does not provide guarantee that leads are real. Replacement leads, though available... seem to be more fraudulent email addresses and such. out of $400 worth of leads, not ONE genuine appointment.. which is not reasonable for an agent with 39 years experience. IMHO, this outfit is a boilerroom worthy of a Soprano-family episode. Nothing believable about them; not in practice... their claims are impressive... but their service was... not

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  • He
      Jun 19, 2009

    That's funny. I've been using them since December and I've had some very good success with them. You are generally competing with other agents, up to 8, but my experience has been closer to 2-3. That is disclosed up front. Of course, I asked a lot of questions before putting $200 down initially. I purchase Medicare Supplement and Health Insurance leads. In my area the life insurance leads have closer to 6-7 agents, so I don't even bother with them. You can ask your account rep, by the way, based on your specific criteria how many others you're competing against. I won't purchase anything that's going to cost me over $10 a pop. With the med supps I've had a closing ratio of about 29% and the health leads I've closed about 1-2 out of every ten. I'm constantly tracking my success just to check on the quality. You'll get a lot more bogus or no interest with the health leads, but that's when you ask for credit. has a very liberal refund policy for bogus contact information or people who weren't really interested. They will verify when you ask, but I'd say they've been more than fair to me anyway. If I received 15 health leads, 5-6 will likely be credited back to me for the above stated reasons, but you do get the money back. So, say what you will, it's been working for me. I just set it up for 4 leads a day and if I know I can't be right on top of their emails I shut it off till I'm available. You are competing against other agents, so you can't wait four hours to call someone. Call them right away, cause the lead comes in most cases right when they're on the computer. As with anything it's a numbers game. I'd say you are a poor closer or just don't have too much experience with phone sales. It's a system and it takes a week or two to nail down.

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  • Sl
      Jun 09, 2010

    why would you purchase and chase 15 people if 7-8 are worthy of a credit. I have better things to do with my time then talk to people that are trying to avoid me and never meant to purchase the product in the first place.

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  • Ma
      Sep 01, 2016 - Bogus promises
    7300 FM 2222
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    Phone: [protected]

    RUN AWAY! Anything this company provides is bogus. The leads are not qualified. They contact information in many instances is incorrect. When I originally asked how many agents share these leads I was told 2-3. That's a lie. I found out that sell the same leads to as many as 8+ agents. No wonder the consumer is fed up and doesn't buy. They are bombarded with agent after agent calling and they do nothing having been annoyed by the feeding frenzy. The lead company is making a lot of money providing zero quality information because agents are grasping at any way possible to find new clients. does not provide quality and is a waste of money and time. RUN RUN RUN AWAY FAST!

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