InStylercharged my credit card after I told them not to

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I placed an order on December 5, 2008 for the instyler product.. A couple of days later, I tried to track my order online via their website.. It came up saying they could not find my order, I then called the customer service number they gave and they said it would take 72 hours for the order to appear in their system. I waited 72 hours longer.. they still could not find my order.. I gave the Rep my info and my phone number and she told me her Supervisor would call me back .. I waited three days and then called the company back..I spoke with another Rep. and he told me " We found your order and it's being processed as we speak. I told him to cancel the order, he told me he couldn't because it was in process. I told him that there wouldn't be enough money on my card and it would be declined. I also told him not to run it through again if it was declined. Needless to say, a week later, I checked my credit card account and sure enough, they put it through..AGAIN.. So, back on the phone I went and I spoke to another REP. She told me that they put it through twice... I told her the whole story and I also told her that the other sales rep was supposed to put a note on my account NOT TO RESUBMIT...All she told me was that noone said anything about not resubmitting..Supposedly, the order has been shipped and was supposed to arrive at my house on the 24th of December by 4:30pm... Today is the 26th and still no product.. Aword of advise to all the people out there that watch those infomercials STOP.. CHANGE THE CHANNELL... I got screwed and I don't want it to happen to anyone else...

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  • Rs
      Feb 12, 2009

    Instyler telemarketers are giving "bait and switch" info to secure sales and upsale customers. I was told I could keep the 2nd one that they are sending for free, even if I returned the product. They told me to give it to a friend. I asked them why would I do that if I wasn't satisfied and they replied that Instyler is so committed to spreading the word about their products, that they'd want me to pass it on if it didn't work for me...afterall, that's what I paid the trial fee for.
    In any event. I tried the product and didn't like it. Tried it again and again, thinking I was doing something wrong and still didn't like what it was doing to my hair. When calling back to return I was relentlessly upsold again with other offers so they wouldn't lose me, including knocking over $45 dolloars off my bill. (go figure that one!). After 15 minutes of pleading with me to keep it, I finally said this is enough and they finally gave me a return number and instructions, which included returning BOTH instylers. When I called back to speak to a supervisor to inform them that I had been baid and switched, they took no responsibility and told me that I wasn't telling the truth. I will report their company to as many agencies as I can so others are not taken advantage!
    FYI: The product they sent me also did not have the upgraded computer chip I paid extra for and it broke after only three uses/attempts. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT OR GIVE THIS CO. ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!

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  • Km
      Mar 20, 2009

    I've talked the Denise in the product area and she kind of talked me into buying the products. She said they will not take my money until products are shipped. I called the next day and the rep said that my order is being processed and I can't stopped my order. This was March 16 I beleived that I made the order. Today is March 20th and I have one order out. My products is not shipped out yet and I want to stopped the order and can't get in touch with customer service, which thier time says 5:30 am Mon-Friday and I called before 7am and they said that thier office is closed and called back the normal business hours which she said from 5:30am to 5pm. They are full of it. The rep told me to refuse the package If I don't want it. If my products haven't been shipped yet why I can't cancel my order. I will have my account changed and they won't mess with my money. Stop calling these people of ordering. I will close my account soon as I get my things. They are liable to go into your account. Georgia girl.

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  • Am
      May 28, 2009

    I am advocating for my sister, who is going through the same old..same old as the previous posts. What a scam! They claim she is three days past the date on which they could have issued a return number, which would be based on a non-existing tag with a number on it... even though calls were made before that and no one from their company ever called back, as they had said they would, and one number was busy continually for hours each day. Even if they ever "let her" make the return, they will keep her shipping and handling, as well as her having to pay for the return shipping, which we will have to get a receipt for, since otherwise, I am sure they will say it never arrived. She has burns all over her head and hands now, and sadly I am passing on the story to try to help other innocent buyers. STEER CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY AND PRODUCT.

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  • Ha
      Aug 24, 2009

    I got mine at and had no problems. Paid $59.

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