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Wen Hair Care Complaints & Reviews

Wen Hair Care / wen by chaz dean seasonal cond. one gallon auto - spring blossom.

Briejones69 on Apr 28, 2017
Order date: 06/06/2015. Wen by chaz dean seasonal cond. One gallon auto - spring blossom. A friend, who knew my story saw this website and thought I should share my testimony. I wanted to ask people to please stop defending wen by chaz dean. If this is not your experience, does not mean...

WenHaircare / Allergic reaction

Pamela on Feb 7, 2017
Terrible product I would never recommend to anyone! I can't understand why so many good reviews if this WenHaircare is absolutely terrible. I bought a WenHaircare conditioner and after only first use I felt something strange. My skin was so itchy and became super oily. Absolutely not what...

Wen Hair Care / Wen cleansing conditioer

Reviewer93417 on Feb 4, 2016
I have been using wen for about a year regular, but in the last 6 month I notice considerable hair loss first it was just alittle, I thought it was just getting older and you loose hair. But I have lost most of my natural wave and my hair just keeps breaking off, If I run my hands through...

Wen Hair Care / Wen shampoo

Reviewer94709 on Jan 6, 2016
Started using about the end of 2014 to the middle of 2015 after a few months I noticed a rash around my face and sores in my head . My hair dresser ask me is your hair coming out? So I tried a new shampoo she had in her shop. My rash went away and so did the sores. I still didn't put two...

Wen Hair Care / Almond cream and cleanser

Reviewer17213 on Dec 22, 2015
My husband bought this product back in January it came with a kit and in August realized he was losing lots of hair more then normal.He asked me if I noticed and I said no just so he wouldn't feel bad but now it's really noticeable and it's all because of this wen product.Im sharing thi...

Wen Hair Care / Wen Shampoo and spritz

I. Wood on Dec 15, 2015
My sister purchased Wen shampoo and hair care kit. There was a spritz and anti-frizz styling cream. Oh, and the shampoo. I started using it about 5 months ago. The last month and a half I have noticed a huge increase in hair loss. In the shower I lose a huge handful. Now I have several...

Wen Hair Care / Wen shampoo

Renee19 on Dec 15, 2015
I started using Wen and within 1 week my hair started coming out. I have permanent bald spots. I have been wearing a baseball hat for over 3 months.I was not aware of all the other complaints. I need to know what attorneys are handling the class action suit because I look like I'm going through cancer treatments because of this garbage shampoo.

Wen Hair Care / Wen condition cleaner

Carolyn McCool-Hensley on Dec 7, 2015
I purchased this product and gave it to my daughters and grandchildren to use. I have asked them to stop using the product and I have stopped. The main reason I ordered so much for my family, is the claim that it doesn't fade the color. We all paid the price of hair loss. Of course we...

Wen / Hair Loss! I am losing my hair.

Judith MacDonald on Sep 28, 2015
I have been using Wen Hair Products for about 8 months. I have always had very thick hair. I had noticed I was losing a considerable amount of Hair on my brushes and combs. I thought this was one of the better companies. I talked with my doctor and he said he could find nothing wrong with...

Wen Hair Care / Falling out hair

JTV on Jul 1, 2015
if people would watch chaz dean .s videos very close up... the would have stayed away from his products in the first place ..first of all chez dean took all the hair in one hand.. put some of that junk in the other and put it on the hair . then he stroked the hair up and down, never never...

Wen / bad service

dellandogs on May 20, 2015
TO WEN< I ordered your set a year ago in the lavender scent. You sent me vanilla. I hate the smell of vanilla and called you. Instead of sending the lavender scent set, you send ONE bottle. I sent the vanilla set back and never got the complete set of lavender that I ordered and paid...

Chaz Dean Wen Hair Care / Dirty business practices

sallysgadgets15 on May 12, 2015
I originally signed up and asked to NOT be placed on a membership and NOT have my account with auto withdrawal. I would send a check. This worked and they wanted me to have auto shipments, i said NO. this worked for about 2 years. But i had to stay on them. I called each time a shipment...

Chaz Dean / Wen Hair Care / Debiting my bank account

SHERRYTHEFT on Jul 15, 2014
They just help their self to my Bank Account. Took whatever amount they wanted without my approval. I call this Theft beware do not make the mistake I did. I called their Customer Service number and the lady I spoke with said I'm sorry but we can offer you a 20 percent discount...

Wen Hair Care / Doesn't clean hair, makes hair greasy

Nylass on May 25, 2014
I had purchased the full WEN hair care system via eBay. The main product that is boasted most (within the system) is the Cleansing Conditioners, for which my package contained the Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner. Chaz Dean touts that this particular product replaces the following...

Wen Hair Care / Product made my hair fall out

KarieJo on Apr 26, 2014
This company is a sham!! First of all i thought it would be a nice gift to give my sister for Christmas. There is a hidden membership that i did not see on the website when i ordered. I recieved a second box after i called to complain and let them know that my sister was not satisfied with...

Wen / Auto shipments

pameyeam on Apr 5, 2014
I have asked several times for my account to be closed and yet still getting packages. I call to cancel tell them and they note they gave me a discount on future orders. I have over a year supply on hand and love the product. But I don't need any more for a while!!! DO NOT ORDER FROM...

Wen / Product

Mary Zellers on Apr 5, 2014
I took another chance and ordered WEN hair care system again. I was verbally guaranteed that all the product in the order would be the same scent. I ordered Spring Orange Blossom. The only thing in the kit that was that scent was the cleanser. The other items were a mixture of Sweet Almond...

Chaz Dean Wen Hair Care / Auto shipment wont stop

Deborah Montijo on Mar 25, 2014
This place is crazy! Not only did i cancel once online, but after numerous phone calls (That the last customer service rep could not seem to "find") they just billed me again this morning for yet another shipment. Mind you, i thought the shipments had finally stopped because it's been...

Wen Hair Care / Can't cancel the order

rugrat1111 on Jan 5, 2014
I ordered shampoo from the company Wen Hair Care. After I received my order, I received one more shampoo, and the seller told me to pay for the second order $80. I called them several times and tried to cancel all these orders, but they told me that I needed to pay for everything they sent...


alijolie on Dec 2, 2013
I ordered Wen in August of 2013. They sent me my order over a period of 4 weeks. Not only did I wait a while for this supposedly life-changing conditioner, but I found that when i used it, it made my hair greasy. Then when I tried to get my money back and prevent them from sending me more...

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