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Inoutscripts / my real story — full reviews of 13 scripts

1 Kerala, India Review updated:

Generally speaking, inoutscripts guys are a phishing scamming team. Their goal is money only. Their scripts are full of bugs and errors. Some of them are 10 years old without updating. They are Indian located in Kerala.


I have used most of these Inout Scripts. I purchased 13 of them.

They are just liars, since they don't have the technology of big data. The hypertable/Hadoop is not working at all. It would take 50 years to fill 10 TB storage according to our calculation. The Inout spider can just crawl about 2000 pages per day.

Some of the inourscripts can cause the server down, since they produce a ton of error log every day.

The sites are super slow. They will blame you whichever servers you use. I tried our own servers and bluehost. The results were the same. Our own sites have been running very fast.

The inout search engine is not compatible with inout spider. It brings results not consistent with keywords.

The inout scripts are not SEO. You can just get little traffic however you try.

The webportal is not working. You'll never get something like Yahoo as they overstated.

The cronjob of inoutscripts adserver is not working. The addons are not compatible.

The inout articlebase has injection defects.

The inout celebrities is not responsive design. If you need a mobile mode, they will charge $480-800 as customization.

The inout queryspace is still using PHP 5.4 which is not supported by the official site.

The webmail ultimate can't be used to send or receive emails. It is a knid of malware that will get security warning from chrome and google.

I purchased 4 APPs, but they did not give me any.

You can log into the inout socialtitles but can't log out from it sometimes. It does not have an email confirmation and recap feature. If you need these functions, they will charge you for customization. My site were attacked and spammed repeatedly.

They never refund you once you transfer the $$$. Yes, you'll never get any effective support from the staff.

Just a few of them here. I'll tell you uch more bugs and errors of Inout Scripts later.

  • Updated by inoutscripts_1, Feb 10, 2018

    You should never purchase the Inout Scripts. These scripts are full of issues, and they'll never refund you a penny. Avoiding Inoutscripts and the scammers is avoiding loss of your money.

    They said: "Premium e-Commerce platform with Multi-Vendor capability. Start your own online shopping cart with multiple sellers, brands, categories in any currency. Sell physical or digital products in cyberspace to any buyer around the world. Inout Shopping Cart is far more than a storefront to sell your products. You can turn your ecommerce platform into a fully diverse multi-vendor shopping portal. More vendors, more buyers."
    1. I purchased this inout script one year ago, but I had to give up finally. Why?
    2. There are 8 bugs and 23 warnings by code checking.
    3. The Cronjob data had never been renewed.
    4. The database was attacked 3 times.
    5. The technique support never solved the issues.
    6. They always blamed the servers, even though the servers were properly set up, and did not have errors by third party organization.
    7. The site and its owner would be sued by vendors at any time. It was a potential loss of huge money.

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  • Updated by inoutscripts_1, Feb 10, 2018

    I purchased a Inoutscripts Webmail Ultimate script and its addon for 646 USD. My site got security warning from chrome browser and google.
    To my surprise, the Inoutscripts webmail ultimate could not be used to send and receive email. NO, this is not a joking.
    The technician who serviced me was Saranya, who just did not solve any problems. They never got the script fixed, and never ever gave me the addon which I purchased. In addition, the site was down totally. I had to remove this script.
    What a script! What an Indian phishing scamming group. These guys are Jacob, Kumar, Nair, and Saranya.
    They advertised the so called "clonescripts", and overstated the features in order to induce customers to buy. They took the cash and left you nothing working, once you paid. They never refund you even though the Inout Scripts are not working at all.

  • Updated by inoutscripts_1, Feb 10, 2018

    What's wrong with Inoutscripts Socialtitles v2.0

    15 months ago, I searched online and was attracted by advertisement by I purchased their Inout Socialtiles v2.0 and its addons for $447 totally.

    I found there were no functions of Recap. and email confirmation. The site had been spammed and hacked frequently. I contacted with the tech support, named Nair, and she told me that I had to pay for another $800 costomization fee to add these 2 features.

    The speed of this script was very slow. Sometimes, you logged in but could not logged out. The background picture was unchangeable. The "file share" addon was not working.

    They neither refund, nor fixed the script. Actually, they had no professional developers to do the troubleshooting and customization. They are a team of scammers.

    Finally, I had to give up the software, and changed into Oxwall.

    Believe me. You should not do any business with this criminal company. They are a group of cheaters located in Kerala India. Their main members are Jacob, Kumar, Nair, and Saranya. Their address is located at: 1st Fl, Phase IV Carnival Infopark, Kochi, Kerala 682042, India.

  • Updated by inoutscripts_1, Feb 10, 2018

    They said that they were selling clone scripts. They said they had cloned Google, Yahoo, Bing, Adsense, Facebook, Youtube, Monster, Pinterest, and mouch more. Actually, none of these world top website scripts can be cloned.

    The Inout Scripts even have a ton of fatal bugs and errors. These scripts are running very very slow, and can cause the server downgrade.

    Once you pay them, they will not take care of you. They will further charge you much more for responsive design, feature addons, style customization, and reinstallation. Their standard response is to blame your server, whichever kind of servers you may use. They are a team of infamous Indian scammers.

    They will take the cash and leave you nothing working. They never refund you, in case the scripts or sites being attacked. Don't buy any inscripts to avoid loss.

    I purchased inout spider, inout search engine v8, inout webmail ultimate, inout shopping cart and all the Apps and addons. There is nothing working. They are full of bugs and errors.

  • Updated by inoutscripts_1, Feb 11, 2018

    I purchased the Inout Celebrities Script one year ago, but found script was not updated properly. It is still using PHP 5.4 engine. The site is very slow. What is nore that the script is not responsive designed. If you ask them for the mobile edition, they will charge you another $800 as a customization. Finally, I gave up the site.

    There are totally 14 bugs and 25 warnings with this Inout Script.

    The manager Kumar and its boss Jacob are cheaters. Finally, they will take the cash and leave you nothing working. Their support email address, has been world widely labeled as phishing scam.

    They advertise with overstated words to induce customers to purchase their so called "clone scripts". We purchased 13 of them, and just found they were full of errors and bugs. Their main group members are Jacob, Kumar, Nair, and Saranya. All of them locate at a small room in Karala, India.

    They have other phishing sites:
    Phishing site 1.
    Phishing site 2.
    Phishing site 3.
    Phishing site 4.
    Phishing site 5.
    Phishing site 6.

    Believe me. Don't purchase any scripts from They are liars, cheaters, and infamous scammers. the infamous India scamming company.

    If you are a victim, please feel free to contact me. Let's bring these bad guys to justice together.

  • Updated by inoutscripts_1, Feb 28, 2018

    1. My servers, network, DNS are all normal and working with all kind of scripts, free open source scripts or commercial scripts, except the Inout Scripts. My other sites,,, have been running fast and well.
    2. My server is Dell R820 enriched with Plesk.
    3. The homepage of Inoutscripts search engine v8 has 32 bugs, which you can refer to my other post.
    4. All the 13 Inout Scripts I purchased are full of bugs, and they are phishing scamming softwares.
    5. My attorney and I have been working closely with official departments. Our 200 page report will be published openly.
    6. They just overstated these Inoutscripts softwares to induce customers to buy. Finally, they took the cash and left us nothing working.
    7. These Indian scammers, Jacob, Kumar, Nair, and Saranya are all guilty.
    8. If you are a victim, feel free to contact me. Let's bring these bad guys to justice.

  • Updated by inoutscripts_1, Feb 28, 2018

    I will post more bugs in detail found at Inout Scripts. My servers were assessed and maintained by Dell and Plesk. The DNS, the servers, and the Network have been working well with all scripts, except Inoutscripts.

    I can tell you that none of Inout Scripts are working properly. They are full of bugs.

    my real story — full reviews of 13 scripts
Feb 10, 2018
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  • In
      14th of Feb, 2018
    0 Votes

    Dear Client,

    I would like to gracefully tell you that your allegations on our scripts and its efficiency are FALSE.

    We don't deny the fact that you faced problems with a couple of software (which rely on/crawl third party services/websites), with legitimate reasons and we explained to you clearly.

    As we(our engineers) informed you already multiple times in the past, many websites were being blocked by your firewall (either firewall set by your host or the firewall set by your country [ You host that within China I believe and as you know China has strict firewall guidelines]. Since the core of your spider, search engine software is crawling third-party websites, under a firewall, it remains very slow and blocking.

    Also as we indicated you clearly, your server's internet gateway (the internet connection attached to it) worked extremely slow (especially the download speed, [upload seemed to be ok]) even for very simple downloads. It's a pure hardware/networking/DNS issue where we don't have any control at all. We proved you this many times sharing screenshots and the estimated time left showing for simple internet file/image downloads. It has nothing to do with the script. Under such scenario, irrespective your server may have a high spec, internet-based services(specially which required a lot of data in - like spiders) cannot run fast.

    Also for the same reason we guess, most of our connections to your server was also getting failed. We explained this clearly to you multiple times but you did not understand this it seems.

    We always assisted/helped you to give you full support without any reluctance (even though we had to provide extended support several, several months on this, without complaining, even though we were not responsible on this). Setting up your hardware/server resources is technically not our responsibility, yet we offered you free, unconditional help, every time we could do.

    Please note that you observed the same slowness to crawl the web when you've used third-party software(Nutch for instance) also.

    We are always happy to help you even further, to the extent possible for us (hardware/network level fixing we cannot do since we have no access to your datacenter).

    If you can (even temporarily) hire a server somewhere outside the firewalls restrictions (preferably outside China, because of China's firewall restrictions), we can help you and show the crawlers working perfectly. We told this multiple times and you denied this without reasons.

    We are still, even after your reviews, 100% willing to assist you, if you are willing to co-operate and understand the DNS, internet and firewall issues you have with your service provider. We value each of our customers, including you, and will do everything possible to help you on their issues.

    Looking forward to unconditionally helping you on this!

    Inout Scripts Executive.

  • In
      28th of Feb, 2018
    -1 Votes

    @Inout Scripts There are 32 bugs at the homepage of Inoutscripts search engine v8.
    Warning: The type attribute is unnecessary for JavaScript resources.

    From line 16, column 1; to line 16, column 54

    21 ↩↩ ↩↩↩↩↩↩↩↩↩

    Warning: The type attribute is unnecessary for JavaScript resources.

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    Warning: The language attribute on the script element is obsolete. You can safely omit it.

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    Warning: The language attribute on the script element is obsolete. You can safely omit it.

    From line 474, column 1; to line 474, column 30

    /script>↩↩ ↩↩↩fu

    Warning: The type attribute is unnecessary for JavaScript resources.

    From line 533, column 1; to line 533, column 31


    Error: Duplicate ID engine.

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    Warning: The first occurrence of ID engine was here.

    From line 1155, column 22; to line 1155, column 97


    Error: Duplicate ID engine.

    From line 1167, column 22; to line 1167, column 95


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    Error: Duplicate ID engine.

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    inedexli">WikiPDF↩↩↩↩↩↩ ↩ ↩ ↩ $(d

  • In
      11th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    @inoutscripts_1 There are 106 bugs with the Inoutscripts Video script totally. Can you believe it? By the way, we have been cooperating with other Indian IT companies for long time. We have nothing wrong with the servers and scripts. Inout Scripts are the most infamous phishing scamming softwares in IT history. Believe me. To avoid Inoutscripts to avoid loss of your money. If you want to try, I can let you have the licenses and scripts for just $1.

  • In
      13th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    @inoutscripts_1 According to the analyses of Inoutscripts Music codes, there are 30 bugs with it. You can refer to :

  • In
      14th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    @inoutscripts_1 Troubleshooting for Inoutscripts Shopping Cart codes (514 bugs)

  • In
      24th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    @inoutscripts_1 Inoutscripts Shopping Cart Made a New Guiness World Record

    It is well known that Inoutscripts is the No. 1 phishing scamming software company lacated in Kerala India. Inout Scripts Shopping Cart has 514 bugs (errors and warnings) and it created a new Guiness World Record. It's true. It's not a joking.

    Here are the list of bugs in details:

  • Er
      2nd of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes

    hello I want to write here about inoutscripts they only want money, I pay to them more than 5000$ but in the end I did not get script open source and bad development from them
    inoutscripts really bad company

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