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Inout Scripts / Nesote Technologies Customer Care Service


Nesote Technologies Pte Ltd

1st Floor, Valiapally Building, Kaduthuruthy P.O. KL
India - 686604

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+91 994 699 5500(Customer Service) 0 0
+91 482 928 5207(Head Office) 0 0
+91 703 411 5500(Kochi Office) 0 0
+91 484 298 7111(Kochi Office) 0 0
+91 482 928 5202(Kottayam Office) 0 0
Inout Scripts develops software solutions & scripts for E-Business.
Our pursuit is to inspire people to follow their dreams in starting & running their own E-businesses. Provide business opportunities, reduce technological hindrances & offer competitive advantages that allow our customers to succeed in their pursuit.
Kochi Office
1st Floor, Phase IV, Carnival Infopark, Infopark, Kakkanad, Kochi, KL - 682 042, India

Kottayam Office
2nd Floor, Nice Tower, Kaduthuruthy P.O. Kottayam, KL - 686604, India

Inout Scripts / Nesote Technologies Complaints & Reviews

Inout Scripts / Nesote Technologies / easyroom

Beulah82 on Feb 3, 2019

Please let no one purchase anything from this company inout script, they are truly a bunch of scammers, they just scammed me $1200 USD, and I have been asking for my refunds since their script is full of bugs and also affected my server, but they have outrightly refused to respond to that request. I...

Inout Scripts / analysis of inoutscripts music codes (30 bugs)

inoutscripts_1 on Mar 13, 2018

Warning: The type attribute is unnecessary for JavaScript resources. From line 30, column 1; to line 30, column 57 ↩↩↩test(0 Error: Bad value loadfullpage for attribute rel on element a: The string loadfullpage is not a registered keyword. From line 381, column 73; to line 381, column...

Inout Scripts / Nesote Technologies / can you believe it? 45 bugs at my inoutscripts site

inoutscripts_1 on Feb 28, 2018

Check my domain with Warning: The type attribute is unnecessary for JavaScript resources. From line 45, column 1; to line 45, column 60 tyle>↩↩↩↩↩↩↩↩funct Warning: The language attribute on the script element is obsolete. You can safely omit...

Inout Scripts / Nesote Technologies / how many bugs at the homepage of inout scripts search engine v8? 32

inoutscripts_1 on Feb 22, 2018

Warning: The type attribute is unnecessary for JavaScript resources. From line 16, column 1; to line 16, column 54 21 ↩↩ ↩↩↩↩↩↩↩↩↩ Warning: The type attribute is unnecessary for JavaScript resources. From line 311, column 1; to line 311, column 53 /script>↩↩↩funct Warning: The language...

Inout Scripts / Nesote Technologies / $480, 6gb data, 4 months

inoutscripts_1 on Feb 12, 2018

I purchased Inout Spider Script ultimate edition for 2950 USD and Inout Search engine v8 together with addons for $1070 18 months ago, but they did not work. They had not get it fixed, so they suggested reinstalling it for another $80. I did not agree, since they just wanted to reinstall...

Inoutscripts / my real story — full reviews of 13 scripts

inoutscripts_1 on Feb 10, 2018

Generally speaking, inoutscripts guys are a phishing scamming team. Their goal is money only. Their scripts are full of bugs and errors. Some of them are 10 years old without updating. They are Indian located in Kerala. Reviews: I have used most of these Inout Scripts. I purchased 13 of... / ad server and search software

Reviewer66187 on Dec 21, 2015

STAY CLEAR OF THIS INDIAN COMPANY!!! You will get ripped off. Their ad server software and their search engine software is a joke. You will lose over $1000 dollars if you go with this company. They are notorious for scamming people.

Inout Scripts / ad server software

Reviewer79206 on Oct 30, 2015

Do not purchase I bought their ad software and spent $900 dollars on it and bought 4 of the optional modules that include the CPC, CPI, CPM and CPA modules and they all have issues. It doesn't work properly. If you're thinking of ad server software then steer... / the support team was useless and didn't provide any info

RAiv81 on Oct 11, 2014

Before I decided to buy and use the services of the website, I decided to contact the support team. It was mentioned on the website that they reply within couple of hours. I got the reply from the team after 5 days. And it was completely useless. It didn’t... / company didn't provide support and it was difficult to contact them

aptr on Jul 7, 2014

I bought Inout Search Engine pack from the website I was totally disappointed in their services and support. I asked them to setup my website, but they tipped toed around it and in result did nothing. It was difficult to contact their support team, ‘coz their... / their support team doesn't help you after you buy from them

Vipar on Jun 29, 2014

I bought 2 scripts from Before I ordered from them, I spoke with the agent, who was really useful and provided a lot of info about their products. After that I tried to reach the support team, but no one replied and several my emails were returned back. I have no idea...